Thew York Giants finally got in the win column Thursday night, beating the Kirk Cousins-led Washington Redskins, 32-21, in East Rutherford.

The win prompted a joking-yet-optimistic question from Tiki Barber: Are the Giants now the frontrunners in the NFC East?

“You know what? Break up the Giants. They’re a juggernaut. If they win two in a row, they’ll run away with that division,” CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora joked on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “That thing is going to be a mosh pit all year long, I think.”

Brandon Tierney agrees, but in the end, he sees a two-team race between the Cowboys (2-0) and Eagles (0-2) and doesn’t think the Giants (1-2) or Redskins (1-2) have enough staying power.

Is that off base?

“You know what? I don’t know, man,” La Canfora said. “Look, I still think Dallas can survive and conquer. They’re just going to have to survive here for a couple of months, but I think they could start feasting right around Thanksgiving and down the stretch. But they lost a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. That’s a lot for anybody to overcome. You start talking about maybe the best receiver in the game, one of the best quarterbacks in the game. We’ll see what they can get out of Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy and the pass rush when they come back – and that could be substantial. The defense is obviously the backbone of them as presently constituted.

“The Eagles, I don’t know,” La Canfora continued. “I don’t know if anybody in this division is capable of winning four or five in a row. I just don’t. It’s such a week-to-week proposition in this league in general, but boy, in that division in particular, who can win a game in the division on the road? That’ll be significant. I don’t think it’s going to happen all that much in that division.”

Jon Gruden believes the Eagles are struggling offensively because Sam Bradford isn’t a threat to run the football. If that is the case, would the Eagles be better off with Mark Sanchez as their quarterback?

It’s possible.

“I think that day could come sooner rather than later,” La Canfora said. “I’ve been a Bradford skeptic really from the giddy-up. I love him as a person. I think he’s a tremendous, tremendous kid. I think he’s been dealt a difficult hand physically, and I think that in his mind this was going to be finally an escape: ‘Finally I’m going to be behind a great offensive line, I’m going to be behind a team that’s got an 1,800-to-2,000-yard rusher on it, and I’m going to be able to get my feet under me and my knee under me for awhile, and then hopefully come November or December, I’m really taking off and the offense is taking off and we’re running away with this thing.’ Well, sorry Sam, but you don’t have an offensive line again, and the run game is suspect at best again and you don’t have anybody that’s going to individually win match-ups for you on the outside – or really even in the slot. Because what have they gotten out of their tight ends? (Brent) Celek, I think, is near the end. The kid (Zach Ertz) looks good on paper but hasn’t done much. (Nelson) Agholor, the first-round pick is not always in the base offense. He’s feeling his way through, and (Jordan) Matthews has dropped a lot of balls. Who individually are the difference-makers? Oh, and the inside-zone – that everything the offense is based off of – yeah, that’s not there anymore either. People have pretty much taken that way.

“I don’t think that’s what Sam Bradford thought he was signing up for,” La Canfora continued. “I don’t think you can get through a full season with Sam Bradford and I don’t know that Sam Bradford is a guy who’s capable of doing anything close to putting a team on his shoulders and grabbing guys by the back of the neck and saying, ‘Heres how it’s going to be, guys.’ That’s just not him. That was never him in St. Louis and he was there for five years or whatever, I think there is ample reason for concern in Philadelphia, and I’m with you: I could see Sanchez playing in the first half of this season.”


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