Jason McCourty has never won a Super Bowl, but he got to watch his twin brother, Devin, achieve the ultimate goal last season with the Patriots.

While Jason was certainly happy for his brother, the question has to be asked: was he also a little jealous?

“You’re not jealous, but you’re a little envious,” the Titans cornerback said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I think for anybody that wins it, when you play in our league, that’s what everybody wants to do. So no matter what, you’re definitely going to be envious. Then you see the guy that you’ve been kind of playing with your entire life – you’ve dreamed about that moment, being able to capture it. A little bit of it is envy, but then a little bit of it is kind of the next best thing if you’re not able to win it: just being able to be down there on that field and go through the experience with him. If I’m not able to win it, at least I would hope he can do it each and every year. So that’s pretty cool.”

Tiki Barber can relate. His brother, Ronde, won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in 2002. Ronde has never rubbed it in to Tiki, and Devin hasn’t rubbed it into Jason – for the most part.

“Only when he talks trash about the whole Deflategate and stuff in the offseason,” Devin said. “If he talked trash, it would just be a friendly reminder of who won.”

Jason didn’t entirely agree with that.

“He definitely rubs it in a little bit,” Jason said. “He told me last year that they won more games in the playoffs – three – than we did all last year (when we went 2-14). So he rubbed it in a little bit.”

Of course, that’s one benefit of having Tom Brady as your quarterback. Brady, 38, is one of the oldest quarterbacks in the league. Marcus Mariota, 21, is one of the youngest.

Still, Jason said that Mariota has a veteran presence about him.

“(I’m) excited about him,” Jason said. “To be kind of that highly touted, second overall pick, have a ton of success at Oregon and a Heisman Trophy winner – (he’s a) real humble kid. Quiet, kind of to himself when he first got there, and then you kind of see him opening up a lot more. But all he did was work since he got here. He’d be the first one in the building, the last one out. You see him as a normal rookie – not a flashy guy, but someone that was just going to come in, listen to the guys ahead of him, listen to the coaches and just do everything he possibly could to try to help the team.”

While Mariota could eventually become a great NFL quarterback, Brady is perhaps the best of all time. He’s one of the best leaders of all time, too.

“I think the key first is to lead by example,” Devin said. “I think anyone can go in there and throw out a bunch of words and pre-game speeches, but players – young or old – they go by what they see, and for us, we’re fortunate enough to have a guy like Tom who comes in every day (and) puts in the work. He’s probably he most competitive guy on the team in spring practices. Just in OTAs and spring minicamp, he’s the guy yelling and screaming, talking trash. So when you come in as a rookie and you see that from the top guy on the team, I think it forces you to have a certain level of respect for him and for the rest of the veterans. It makes you bring your game up because you’re like, ‘This guy’s been here for X amount of years, and he’s still working that hard. I need to really work harder than that if I want to get close to that.’ So I think at that quarterback position, (the key is) just leading by example.”


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