CBS Sports NFL analyst

“If he underthrew some guys, I’d be more discouraged. He overthrew a couple receivers that he had open. There was the one bootleg play where he was rolling back left and throwing against his body. It was a bad pass. That’s hard for him to make at 39 years old, but that’s tough for a 29-year-old quarterback to make. Obviously I think the Ravens’ defensive game plan was outstanding. They came with a bunch of fire-zone type blitzes and really executed the game plan well. So from that standpoint, I wouldn’t be too discouraged by Peyton Manning. I think if you go in there with the mindset, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have it anymore’ and you can just go out and blitz him and think you’re going to stop the Denver Broncos moving forward and assume Peyton Manning is done, I think (that would be a mistake).”
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A.J. GREEN – 9/15/15
Bengals wide receiver

“But we’re just living in the moment. We have all the weapons back this year, and I think the sky’s the limit for this offense. This team, our defense played well last week, the offense played well. If we continue to keep getting better each week, the sky’s the limit. A lot of people are not going to talk about our regular season right now. They don’t care how many games we win. It’s all abut that playoff win. If we keep playing like this, I think we’ll be fine.”
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BARRY LARKIN – 9/15/15
MLB Hall of Famer

“Is it going to be kind of a Joe Maddon type of situation where it is not a win-now situation, where it’s a develop-player situation? That’s where I like to be. I’m into player development, and how much development is there if you have a more veteran ball club, which (is what you) have in Cincinnati? . . . I think I only would be offered the job if they had a clear philosophy going forward.”
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AMY TRASK – 9/16/15
The Other Pregame Show analyst

“You know that I have issues as to whether Gary Kubiak’s offense and Peyton Manning are a good mix. But if and to the extent Kubiak can take some pressure off of Peyton Manning by increasing the workload on the running backs and making it a run-first offense that can alleviate some pressure on Manning – I don’t know that Kubiak and Manning are going to mesh well. But if they can take some pressure off Manning, I think that’s a good thing to keep him healthy throughout the season.”
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JERRY RICE – 9/17/15
NFL Hall of Famer

“Of course. Eventually it’s going to get down into the locker room and then it’s going to get on the field. Management is everything. When I first came into the league, we had the best organization. We knew that everything was top class. Everything was dealt with a certain way up top, and then you had players just go out and play football. There was no distractions.”
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JASON LA CANFORA – 9/18/15 NFL insider

“They saw what he was at the end of last year, and they see what he is now. They’re saying he won’t even be what he was last year if we can’t protect him more this year, which means even if we’re running 2.8 a clip or 2.5 a clip or whatever, we need to put him under center and run the ball a little bit to kill some clock, to get these ends from being able to just absolutely tee off on him and to try to retain some semblance of a balanced offense.”
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