Tiki Barber got the best of Brandon Tierney in Week 1 of their weekly 6-Pack of Picks, going 5-1 to Tierney’s 3-3. Barber correctly called the spreads of five games, missing only Boise State at BYU, which won for the second week in a row on a Hail Mary. Tierney, meanwhile, missed the over/under on Saints/Cardinals and incorrectly picked road teams SDSU and North Texas over Cal and SMU, respectively.

Looking ahead to Week 2, Tierney likes the Rams (-3.5) against the Redskins, the Cardinals (-2) against the Bears, the Dolphins (-6) against the Jaguars, and the Huskers (+3) against the Hurricanes. He also believes that Troy (+34.5) can keep it relatively close against Wisconsin and that Georgia (-16.5) will steamroll South Carolina.

“It’s all about the quarterback for me,” Barber said, referencing Cardinals/Bears. “Yes, I know (the Bears are) going to hand the ball to Matt Forte because that’s what they like to do, but I do believe that the offense of Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians is going to put up points and force the Chicago Bears – even though they’re at home – to play comeback. And we know what Jay Cutler does when he has to play from behind.”

Tierney, on the other hand, is taking the Jets (+7) against the Colts, the Browns (+1.5) against the Titans, the Saints (-10) against the Bucs, Illinois (+9.5) against North Carolina, and Iowa State (+7.5) against Toledo. He is also taking the over (50.5) in the K-State/LaTech game.

“The Jets are tough, the Jets are stout, the Colts are soft,” Tierney said. “I’m not saying the Jets will win – although, if you’re ever tempted to take an interesting money line, the Jets can win this game. I’m telling you, the Jets can win. I think there’s some real division upfront with the Colts.”

Tierney is also encouraged that Jets wideout Devin Smith (ribs) will likely make his NFL debut this week.

“Even if he doesn’t score, he opens up the middle of the field and then you run,” Tierney said. “Seven points? I’ll take that to the bank. Give me the Jets, +7, Monday in Indianapolis.”


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