Here’s what we know: Derek Carr got hurt, the Bengals are a solid team, and it was only one game. But come on. The Raiders had a lot to be excited about entering this season, so how did they find themselves trailing 33-0 at home in Week 1?

“Boy, I wish I knew the answer to that,” former Raiders CEO and current That Other Pregame Show analyst Amy Trask said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I just don’t know that I can put my finger on it succinctly, but there’s clearly some issues. That said, it was one game. We all know not to draw too many conclusions or overreact to the first game of the season. And my hope for the Raider Nation is of course that things get better each week.”

Trask, who spent part – or all – of four decades with the Raiders, was asked whether the franchise will move to Los Angeles.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” she said. “There are so many shifting pieces in this calculus. To use a California analogy, it’s shifting tectonic plates. There are a lot of moving pieces. Look, the Oakland Coliseum is in a a phenomenal, phenomenal location. I actually think the site on which the Oakland Coliseum sits is the best site in the National Football League. It is the best site for purposes of public transportation. It’s on a major highway. It (has) good ingress and egress. But that said, from an economic standpoint, does it make sense to have two brand new stadiums within 32 miles of each other? That is the distance from the Oakland Coliseum to Levi’s Stadium – and I know that because I measured it with my own little car several times. So do you build another brand-new stadium 32 miles from a stadium? Will the region support that?”

Support isn’t just measured in game attendance, either.

“Look, I know the fans will come,” Trask said, “but do business buy suites in two stadiums? Do they buy signage in two stadiums? Do they sponsor two stadiums? That’s a tough economic analysis.”

Sticking in the AFC West, the Broncos won their season-opener against Baltimore, but how concerned should Denver be about Peyton Manning’s arm strength – or lack thereof? Manning was 24-of-40 for 175 yards and one interception in a 19-13 win over the Ravens.

“I think we all hope that Peyton continues to perform at Peyton levels,” Trask said. “You know that I have issues as to whether Gary Kubiak’s offense and Peyton Manning are a good mix. But if and to the extent Kubiak can take some pressure off of Peyton Manning by increasing the workload on the running backs and making it a run-first offense that can alleviate some pressure on Manning – I don’t know that Kubiak and Manning are going to mesh well. But if they can take some pressure off Manning, I think that’s a good thing to keep him healthy throughout the season.”


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