Jets center

“I don’t know if it’s an understanding of what you’re going through or what it takes to get to where you are, but there’s just something a little different about having a former player as your head coach. He definitely has an air that he’s not going to say much, but when he does, you’re paying attention and you’re listening.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“The knock on him was that he had happy feet and he would drift in the pocket. That was the big reason why those sacks were there. So it’s not 100 percent on that offensive line, which was porous and gave up sacks at times. But that position is also healthy. So you have a very stout defense with a ton of depth, you’ve got a veteran wide receiver group, you’ve got an offensive line that is good with a ton of returning experience that’s finally healthy and a true freshman quarterback that looks like he’s wise and mature beyond his years? Yeah, I think if UCLA can continue what they started last weekend, they can be a national championship-caliber team.”
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SHAUN O’HARA – 9/10/15
NFL Network analyst

“I don’t think he would have it any other way – because I think he loves having that extra motivation, that extra fire. But to answer your question directly, I don’t think they’re a favorite to repeat. If you look at them right now on their roster and their talent, you could argue they’re the third most talented team in that division.”
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Former NFL RB

“I felt that he was the guy that they needed to get and I was glad to see that they got him. He’s certainly going to make a difference. There’s no question that he’s an outstanding coach, he’s a great coach. There’s no question in my mind that he’ll have Michigan back to where we’re used to seeing Michigan. It may take some time, but I guarantee you when they play us this year, they’ll be ready. Because I know he knows how that rivalry works. I know when we go there, they’ll be ready to play us.”
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