BEN WATSON – 8/31/15
Saints tight end

“Jimmy is a player that is very unique. He’s an elite tight end. In my opinion, he’s one of the top one to three tight ends in the NFL for the last few years. You don’t look to find a guy to be him. Those kind of guys fall in your lap. That’s what happened with Jimmy. What we do want to do, however, is win football games, No. 1. When we do that, we need to score, but there’s other ways to score. We can throw the ball in the red zone, we can run the ball in the red zone – we have other guys. Every year, new guys come in regardless of what team you’re on. Scoring is not going to be the issue.”
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RONDE BARBER – 8/31/15
Fox Sports NFL analyst

“If they get a quarterback that can play well and not create a bunch of turnovers like Josh unfortunately did last year in Tampa, I would be excited about Cleveland. They’re in a tough division, but they have a chance.”
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Seahawks wide receiver

“I think this team feels like we’re still doing the hunting. I see it every day in practice and the way these guys compete with each other every day. I feel like it’s just the mentality to still go hunting.”
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CHRIS CANTY – 9/1/15
Ravens defensive tackle

“He’s unflappable. He’s got that killer instinct that moment that you really really need it. He’s one of the best pure passers in the National Football League. We believe in his ability no matter what the circumstances are for our football team. It’s always exciting when you’re going to war with a quarterback like that and you know he can get the job done.”
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JAY FEELY – 9/2/15
NFL kicker and NFLPA Executive Committee member

“People will assume that he’s a cheater. When the Patriots got in trouble before, it was more put on Bill Belichick, that he was the one who did it. This instance, Bill, from the very beginning, wiped his hands and said it wasn’t me and it’s been pointed at Tom. Obviously this is going to stick with him. Hopefully in my perspective this judge rules for Tom and exonerates him and we can move forward.”
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DAVE LAPHAM – 9/2/15
Bengals color analyst

“A.J. Green hasn’t showed up. Nobody has shown up in those playoff games. It’s been mind-boggling to see how great players who have made plays all season long can just go into a cocoon for the playoffs. Marvin Lewis’ playoff tenure as a head coach is 0-6, and it can be explained in one stat, in my opinion: minus-12. Fourteen giveaways, two takeaways – in the playoffs. You give the ball away like that and make mistakes like that and then can’t take it away on the other side of the ball? It’s coffin nails, man. You’re dead meat – and they have been.”
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Broncos tight end

“We sit back and think about if I were a tight end going against Von in a game – we just enjoy not having to do that. Von is just a beast. You got guys in the middle – Sylvester (Williams), Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson. And then you got Brandon Marshall, Danny Trevathan, T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris – the list goes on. I think they’re going to cause a lot of havoc for teams this year.”
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Sports lawyer and Ohio University professor

“We win our cases because of procedure and I think that’s exactly what happened here – and because Judge Berman rooted this so much in procedure, it’s going to be very hard for the NFL to overturn this on appeal. I think really given the timing of it right now, it really takes it out of the 2015 season and it may be into the 2016 season or even beyond before we see it. So I think the NFL will probably appeal with great ferocity, but I’m not sure what an appeal really does to fundamentally change this circumstance.”
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Former Heisman Trophy winner

“He did his normal Tebow magic and made a lot of plays out of nothing, but he also made, I thought, a lot of great throws and even had a couple ones that could have been caught that were dropped. So I thought he played great. I think he’s vastly improved than he has been – at least in the little bit that I’ve seen. So if there’s a spot for him, I think that spot it going to be on a Chip Kelly type of team. So this is probably a great opportunity, and I’m really really hoping they’ll keep him.”
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