TEREZ PAYLOR – 8/24/15
Kansas City Star Chiefs writer

“They got some questions at the tackle positions. Eric Fisher looks a little better this year, but he’s hurt right now. And at the other tackle spot, Jeff Allen, who’s a guy who was getting the first-team reps, he’s hurt, too. The good news is that both guys are expected to be back by Week 1, but there’s still a hole at guard. They still don’t know who the starter is there, and you got a rookie center. So that’s the thing. You’ve signed Jeremy Maclin, you got Alex Smith some new toys – but if this offensive line isn’t better this year, you’re going to see the same dink-and-dunk offense you got a year ago.”
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ED BOUCHETTE – 8/24/15
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Steelers writer

“So having won the division, they add the Patriots. They could get lucky with the Patriots. If the Tom Brady suspension stands up, they won’t have to face them – and he has had their number through the years, especially up there in New England. They’ve never beaten him up there. And then they have San Francisco at home and they move on. It’s a process of who knows what’s going to happen to some other teams. They might be down when they play them. This team, they won a division last year (despite) losing to Tampa Bay at home and at the New York Jets, which seems almost an impossibility, but they did.”
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BEN VOLIN – 8/25/15
Boston Globe Patriots reporter

“So Garoppolo is showing he belongs, no question, but I’m not ready to get on the hype train either. If he has to play four games, the Patriots are going to have to really protect him and game-plan him to just kind of manage the game and win the game on turnovers and defense and field goals.”
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KNRB 49ers pre and post game host

“It’s been that kind of offseason, guys. But I do think the demise of the 49ers may be a little bit overrated at this point because it’s gotten so much coverage. But the one thing that’s undeniable is an awful lot of talent has walked out of that building this offseason, and there’s just no denying that.”
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SCOTT KAZMIR – 8/26/15
Astros pitcher

“Once you start looking at scoreboards – I’ve played on teams where you’re almost watching the scoreboards at the fence instead of watching the game because you’re looking behind you. I think that’s not the way to approach it. I feel like we have the team to go far, and we just got to focus on ourselves.”
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Giants running back

“With everybody being able to come back healthy, year two in the same system, (we should be good). Last year, we installed a system, and this year we kind of get to run our offense. So having more ownership over it, more (control) in the huddle by Eli and changing the line of scrimmage to put us in the best position – we all know (what to do) when we’re lining up. There’s not that confusion. Eliminate the false penalties and the self-inflicted wounds. We’re going to be a tough team to beat, especially when we have weapons that can take it to the house when the ball’s in the air.”
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TRE MASON – 8/27/15
Rams running back

“I feel like it’s about time for us to have a winning season and a great season – a season that everybody can remember and say, ‘Wow, that was a team that changed history.’ We feel like we have a very hard schedule, (but) we feel like we have the pieces to the puzzle to beat everybody and get a lot of wins.”
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BRUCE ARIANS – 8/27/15
Cardinals head coach

“He’s in great shape. He’s worked so hard on his body. He’s throwing the ball with so much more velocity and down the field. I think it’s because he works so hard on his core and his legs. You don’t really strengthen your arm, but if you strengthen your core and your legs, it’s like hitting a golf ball: you’re going to hit it further.”
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Vikings wide receiver

“I could see him get a little bit more confident, throw with a little bit more anticipation. You could see this year he just comes out here, he knows he’s that guy, he’s that leader and he’s trying to carry our team – and he wants to be great. He wants to be perfect but he knows he don’t want to be too perfect because a perfect person can never get any better and he wants to get better. You can just see the little things he does in practice. When he throws a pass, you’ll see him finish out his reads as if he’s seeing a different coverage. Little things like that that I notice from the outside looking in that you can see him growing as a player.”
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MARCO RUBIO – 8/28/15
Presidential candidate and Florida senator

“They’ve got things going on in their lives; they’ve got other things they could watch. So there is a factor in play. I don’t know about entertainment, but you’ve got to be interesting. Otherwise people won’t listen to what you’re saying – and it’s got to be authentic, too. But ultimately it’s serious stuff. If a team loses a game, yeah, you’ll be depressed for a few days, but if we make the wrong choices in public service, the country pays a terrible price for it. People’s lives are disrupted, they lose jobs, it impacts families. So obviously the stakes are higher, but at the end of the day, you’re competing for people’s attention in politics and it’s important to have a message that cuts through.”
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Texans wide receiver

“As much as we will prepare with Brian as our starter and moving forward with him as the No. 1 guy, I think it’s important that we continue to stay on the (same) page with Ryan and understand his thinking mentality toward some plays and getting his understanding of our installation so we can be prepared if anything does happen. They both (could be) starters in this league and can play.”
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Former Ohio State running back

“You have a lot of life to live. And you have to understand within that space who you are. At 23, I had no clue as to what integrity was. I had no clue what accountability was, and I had no framework of just what it was to be a productive man. As a result, I started to understand why I failed so much in the past.”
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