Titans running back

“He seems like the same old Coach Whisenhunt, but like I said, it’s a new season. It’s a new year. I think everybody kind of has a new life about them. We’re doing our best to learn from last year but not really dwell in the past. I think guys are coming out with a good attitude. It’s been positive so far.”
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Actor in The League

“It’s been seven years. It’s crazy. When we first started the show, look, we knew the comedy was there. We made each other laugh. And then football is the most popular sport in America. I just think that with fantasy, with that element of it and people really being able to get hands on with teams, it’s only helped our show. It’s gone hand-in-hand and become more popular.”
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FRED JACKSON – 8/18/15
Bills running back

“Fitz was one of my favorite quarterbacks to play with. I would much rather have faced Geno than face Fitz. I’m a little biased on that just because he’s a great friend of mine, but I know what he brings to the table. He’s probably the smartest, if not one of the smartest, quarterbacks in the league. It will be a lot of fun to compete agains them, but I know we have to bring our A-game when we do.”
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SEAN MCVAY – 8/18/15
Redskins offensive coordinator

“I think the thing that we’re optimistic and excited about for him is (he was) able to have such a great amount of success when he first comes into the league and being such a dynamic playmaker and the way we were able to utilize him. And unfortunately, these last two years, he’s just had some injuries. In (2013), he’s coming off the knee surgery, and then last year he has a great start to our Jacksonville game (and) ends up dislocating his ankle. Anytime you’re an athletic quarterback that’s able to buy time with your legs and create that way as well – he comes back because he’s such a tough kid – but you could see he was never really full speed. So were excited about the progress he’s made.”
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BO JACKSON – 8/19/15
MLB and NFL legend

“The only time that I don’t tolerate it – because I don’t get that much time to have private time with my family, and I don’t have any time to hang out with my buddies, which I seldomly do anymore because of my schedule. Those two times, I’m sorry. When I’m either doing something outdoors like fishing, hunting or driving one of my old cars, family time, and when my buddies say come hang out with us for an hour or so – that’s when it gets to be cumbersome.”
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PAT MCAFEE – 8/19/15
Colts punter

“They put their pants on the same. Everybody says everybody’s a human, but when you meet a superstar like Peyton and a superstar like Andrew, I think what they’ve both got going for them is just how humble they are to their teammates and the people they work with. It’s just been a lot of fun to work with them. We had one losing year there where we were 2-14. My rookie year we could have went completely undefeated and then the 2-14 year we could have went completely defeated, so I’ve seen it all. We’re just trying to keep on winning and keep having fun. But (when) the superstars are humble people – when you have that in your locker room – you’re in a good spot.”
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TOM THAYER – 8/20/15
Former Bears offensive lineman and current analyst

“They do have a slew of running backs who can take some of the pounding away form Matt Forte – and that is going to be key for Matt in the latter part of the season. (Because) 100+ catches and all those carries, running backs can’t take that multiple years in a row.”
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Former Falcons WR and current Atlanta radio host

“He understands what goes on in the system. When you said company man, that’s it. That’s what he is. He also understands that he’s got guys in front of him that have to block for him. Whether they’re really good or really bad football players, that’s what he has. He took 44 sacks two years ago, 31 last year on top of numerous hits on top of that. So the biggest feat Matt Ryan did is get through the last two seasons alive, to tell you the truth. Because he was beaten and battered. So he’s a company man. He’s frustrated, sure, but he’s not going to let anybody see that. He just won’t do it.”
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TOM FLORES – 8/21/15
Raiders color analyst and two-time Super Bowl winning coach

“I think that’s the only option they have. Any other city wouldn’t be a good option for them. They still have a tremendous amount of fans in Los Angeles. It’s still Raiders Country in so many ways.”
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