No matter which way you slice it, Geno Smith’s broken jaw makes Geno Smith look bad, it makes IK Enemkpali look bad and it makes the New York Jets look bad.

“My initial reaction was I was disappointed in the New York Jets’ offensive players,” Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst Shaun King said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Before I knew the whats and whys, I’ve never heard of a quarterback getting beat up by a defensive guy and nobody on the offense helping or coming to his assistance. Even though we’re a team, there’s two families on the same team. Offensive is one family; defense is another. I was really disappointed in their personnel. As I’ve gotten more of the details, I’m disappointed that the situation occurred at all. For your listeners that may not know, guys miss charity events all the time.”

Tiki Barber knows this firsthand. As a rule, he never specifically invited, let alone promoted, that a certain player was going to be at one of his events. He would tell guys they were welcome to come, but that’s about it.

“If you invite 10 guys, two or three of them aren’t going to show up,” King said. “That’s just the price of doing business. So I feel like it’s very immature and naive on IK’s part to ask for reimbursement for a flight knowing that that’s just a part of doing a charity event. Then I think it’s immature on Geno’s part not addressing it before it got to that point. This is his big opportunity. They finally have NFL players on offense for him to play with. This was his chance to really go and show that he has the potential to be the quarterback for the Jets. So this is a sad situation all around in my opinion.”

The Jets, who already had one of the best front sevens in football, re-signed Darrelle Revis this offseason and added some playmakers on offense, including Brandon Marshall. Many people thought they could contend for a playoff spot.

Now that the Smith incident has occurred, however, what are their prospects in 2015?

“Well, to me, it completely diminishes any chance they had of having this wonderful, dream season,” King said. “I know people have come to the conclusion that Geno can’t play, but you can make a reasonable argument that during stretches he’s performed at high levels. Now he’s going to get the chance to play with Brandon Marshall, which made Eric Decker better, those two tight ends. Now you’re looking at an offense that if he progressed, he had a chance to have success. I think we know who and what Ryan Fitzpatrick is. I just don’t think he’s good enough to lead the Jets to the playoffs – and that’s not a knock on Ryan, but it is what it is. If he couldn’t produce last year in Houston with Arian Foster, DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson, it’s hard for me to believe you’re going to come to the Jets and make that big of a difference.”


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