PETER KING – 8/5/15
Sports Illustrated and MMQB NFL writer

“And so to me, I kind of look at this whole thing as far as what the 49ers are doing, and I say, ‘Look, you have to give them a chance. You have to give Tomsula a chance. He’s got players on that team who really vouch for him, who like him.’ But I just worry about what they’re going to be as an offensive team.”
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WFAN Yankees reporter

“The 96 throughout – from Pitch 1 to Pitch 94 – I think you saw that. His change-up, really good. (He worked) both sides of the plate. But one thing I was told he works the edges of the plate, not the corners so much. You have to maybe work off the plate a little bit more with his slider and his change and that’ll help (him) expand a little bit and be able to do more things with his weapons. I think he’s everything great.”
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GARY OWEN – 8/6/15
Comedian and Actor

“Well yeah, it wouldn’t fly, but I always say you don’t choose your audience; they choose you. Most of the movies I’ve been in have black lead actors. I’ve been in two sitcoms. It was House of Payne and The Wayans Brothers – black sitcoms. And BET was the first network to put me on the air to give me some exposure. I was just exposed to black people way before whiter quote-unquote mainstream media got a hold of me like you guys. But now it’s starting to happen. I’ll take it any way I can get it.”
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TIKI BARBER – 8/7/15

“Yes. All this stuff is coming out now – it looks ugly for Roger Goodell. I don’t trust him as the commissioner of the National Football League anymore. So to answer your question, yeah, I’d fire him.”
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Houston Chronicle NFL columnist

“He’s got one more year left on his contract. I think if he doesn’t come back the second half of the year and play great, he may never come back because somebody could emerge – like Alfred Blue, his back up. They could get somebody else. If you’re going to be outspoken and you’re going to say things like that, you better be healthy and you better be playing. When he did the interview, he was healthy. When it came out, he was supposed to be healthy. We were supposed to talk to him here, and the timing would have been just right for that interview. Maybe he was going to use this as a platform to promote that organization that promotes no belief in God. But now he’s undergoing surgery.”
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