JAMES WORTHY – 7/27/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“You wouldn’t even have to go to the all-time starting Laker greats. You have a lot of bench players that could get it done. You’ve got Hall of Famers on the bench. Bob McAdoo, myself – you have guys like that. Shaquille could be coming off the bench. I heard the argument and I respect Chicago, but I don’t think it would be an issue.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 7/27/15
CBS Sports Eye on Baseball and Fox Sports MLB analyst

“So it didn’t catch me that much off guard. You knew they were going to go for somebody. Their starting rotation, for as good of a team as they are, is not good. I mean, it’s just not good at all. They win with defense, and they win with the bullpen. They need some starters, and they go out and get one of the best available.”
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“The premise is beautiful because everybody thinks they can do it – and you can’t. It’s impossible.”
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Timberwolves center

“I’m going in not even looking at 82 games. I’m going in looking at us playing about 100. That’s always my philosophy.”
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