Bucks legend

“Milwaukee is a tremendous community, a good sports town. They’ve been extremely loyal for a number of years. They have new ownership and positive energy. It would have been tragic for the state of Wisconsin or the city to lose the Bucks. They’re a good team, they’re young, they’re aggressive, they’re doing some things differently – and I look for this team, this franchise, in the next five years to start climbing back to the top.”
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Former MLB pitcher

“I don’t have a say of it, so I don’t lose sleep over it. I know what I did in my career, and how I did it, and I did it right. As far as the guys going in, they’re all well-deserved.”
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LEROY BUTLER – 7/21/15
Former Packers safety

“And one of the veterans – I don’t know who it was – said, ‘Listen, you were a backup in Atlanta. If you didn’t play, you’re still a rookie.’ And everybody kind of laughed and he went downstairs.”
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ESPN NFL analyst

“I thought (McCoy’s comment) was unfortunate. I thought it detoured what the real storyline was – that this is a coach that believes in a certain system. He likes a certain type of player. He wants that talented player to also show some mental, emotional talent – not just physical production – and he wants that guy to buy into his culture and his climate. I know (that) . . . when not everything about you is buying into what Chip Kelly is professing, there’s going to be a problem.”
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AJ MCCARRON – 7/23/15
Bengals backup QB

“Playing in the SEC, I mean, it’s tough. I think from being in the (NFL) and watching guys that come from all different types of conferences, I think the SEC is by far the most advanced conference when it comes to if you’re having to play somebody in your first year, I think you’re the most prepared. There’s great players all over the place, but playing in the SEC (will) put some wear and tear on you. That’s just the way it is. You’re playing some big, fast and physical guys each weekend and that’s just the way it goes.”
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NBA Hall of Famer

“So it changes a little bit, but we also helped ourselves. We got bigger in the offseason and we got some good young players. So the thing is building what you did last year, and I think we’ll do that. Coach Budenholzer has done a great job of getting the guys to buy into a system and a system that works. You always have to try to build on what you’ve done the previous year. Now we just have to build on some of the things we made mistakes on.”
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TOM GLAVINE – 7/24/15
MLB Hall of Famer

“For me, I think at this stage of the game, the PEDs – only because betting is the only death penalty we have in baseball. We all knew it and it’s read to us every year. If you want to make PEDs that way, then I’m all for it. Go ahead.”
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