NHL NBC analyst

“I’ve seen this movie from him before. He got pulled in the Detroit series in Round 1, yet he won a Game 6 on the road and won a Game 7 at home. He got pulled in the Montreal series, yet he won a Game 6 on home ice and eliminated the Canadiens. He got pulled in the third round against New York, but he shut out the Rangers in Game 5 and Game 7 in New York. So I’ve seen this from this guy. He’s extremely resilient and very mentally tough.”
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FOX Sports NFL analyst

“And I think he missed a golden opportunity this year. For the first time in three years, Tony Romo has been at OTAs, has been at minicamps, he’s been able to participate and throw the football – and Dez should have been there with him. Keep building that rapport. Keep building that connection that you have with your quarterback.”
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Hawks forward

“You got to find some way to get him on the court. You got to get him on the court. He really protects the rim for you, and he made it really hard for Draymond the first three games. You got to find a way to get him on the court. I don’t know how you do it, but you got to find a way to get him on the court.”
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KEN BERGER – 6/17/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“It’s genuine. You don’t have all these bells and whistles and fire-breathing stanchions and guys with microphones screaming at the crowd to make noise. No, no, no, they don’t need anybody to tell them to make noise. They know how to make noise – and they do it as well as anyone in the NBA.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 6/18/15
Former NFL QB

“There might have been cash going around to some other players, I’m not going to deny that. I got some $100 handshakes every now and then for signing some autographs for a big alumni. He might have a jersey, a bunch of jerseys he wants me to sign real quick. Sure, he can give me a $100 handshake. That’s the best. I don’t care how rich your upbringing was. Yes, I grew up with a silver spoon. Big deal. You give me a few extra hundred bucks as a college kid, that’s great.”
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RICK FOX – 6/18/15
Three-time NBA champion and NBA TV analyst

“I know there’s a lot of talk that David Blatt might be one-and-done, but I think he did an admirable job considering circumstances of players going down to get them that far.”
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SAM DEKKER – 6/18/15
Former Wisconsin star and NBA prospect

“I’m not too concerned. It’s a weird time because it’s uncertain for everybody. When you go to bed at night, you don’t know where you’re going to end up, so you just got to try and enjoy it and take as much pressure off (yourself as possible).”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 6/19/15
Former NFL QB

“I hope I didn’t get Texas in trouble because certainly Texas had nothing to do with that. Mack ran as clean a program as you can possibly run.”
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ELI MANNING – 6/19/15
Giants QB

“I think I have the advantage because Peyton can’t shoot lefty. I like the left- handed shot. My dad cannot make the granny shot. The granny shot gets him every time.”
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HAL SUTTON – 6/19/15
Former Ryder Cup captain

“When Tiger came out there and was setting everything on fire, he was the longest player out there. All of a sudden, he’s not the longest player out there – and that’s hard to accept. He’s trying to stay up with everybody else and be the cutting edge, so to speak. As we get older, that gets harder to accept – that maybe I’m not going to be that. He just doesn’t want to accept that. He’s still great and can do great things if he’ll live with who he is instead of who he wants to be.”
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Former NFL RB

“I tell people all the time: If you think it, that means you have a doubt. I’m telling you I don’t have a doubt. I know I can play because of the way the running back situation is today. Right now, everyone is telling me that they’re devaluing running backs, and I said, ‘Not really – because if you want to win the game, you go to the running game.’ But I know I can get in there and return kickoffs or I can do third down. I can do some things. I know I can contribute to a team and do something positive for them.”
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