BOB BAFFERT – 6/8/15
American Pharoah’s trainer

“I really feel good about our sport. This horse really has brought the best in our sport out, and I’m just so happy for him.”
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PGA Tour golfer

“It’s hard to think that this is purely golf-related because I’ve been around him a little bit when he was working with Sean Foley, and I saw stuff that he was doing. I was able to talk to him a little bit. He’s always been so super nice to me during Ryder Cups and Presidents Cups. I admire him so much and what he’s done for the game of golf. It’s strange to see. But like I said, he’s one of the more private guys in the world. I don’t know what’s going on with him. The only thing I can say is I hope he gets his golf game together and I hope he starts enjoying the game as much as he did when he was a kid and can just go out there and play free. I don’t think he’s playing free golf. It doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying it as much as he used to because I think we all know what he can do on a golf course. It’s pretty amazing, and I hope he gets back to that.”
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BIG SHOW – 6/8/15
WWE superstar

“I mean, it’s chicken soup for the soul when you get to give back. Then you’re able to really enjoy the success that you’ve had because you’re taking that success and sharing it with others. You bring everybody up. That’s the way it needs to be, man. A lot of people in this world just think about themselves and don’t think about giving back. But the people that really make it are people that want to bring everybody up and give back. That’s just my opinion.”
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Angels manager

“Hopefully we’re going to get the group around them that can support us and make us a deeper team because these two guys are really good. You have to see Mike Trout firsthand to realize just what an incredible athlete he is every day – how fast he is, how hard he plays. He’s fun to watch.”
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JEFF PHELPS – 6/10/15
Fox Sports Ohio Cavs host and 92.3 The Fan voice

“They found it in the fourth quarter. I thought, ‘That’s Golden State basketball. That’s what these guys have done all year. That’s why they won 67 games.’ Now the Cavaliers have to see if what they’ve been doing the last two games – even the last three games – can keep them from playing that style again. Because they did find it last night. If I’m a Cavs coach, if I’m a Cavs player, that’s a huge concern for me right now.”
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Former NBA All-Star

“The other thing is, with the shot clock, somebody has to put them up. Why not put it in LeBron’s hands? At least when he goes to the rim or takes a shot, he’s going to have people looking at him and staring at him, and there’s offensive rebounding opportunities. So efficiency doesn’t matter for me. At the end of the day, you got to put the ball in the basket. I don’t care how you do it or how ugly it looks. Somebody has to do it.”
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AARON BOONE – 6/11/15
Former MLB All-Star and current ESPN MLB analyst

“There’s just kind of this outwardly (disposition) like nothing’s happening. Nobody really looks at each other. No one’s trying to crack a smile or anything. That would be the thing I would probably be going through on the bench there – not bursting into laughter.”
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MARK PRICE – 6/11/15
Former Cavs player

“But things went well for them all year long. It was like it was just every night it was just flowing for them. The playoffs always present its challenges. You have to make adjustments. Teams try to find a way to give themselves a chance to beat you, and I think they’ve found that . . . Cleveland (has) come up with a formula that, so far, is working.”
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Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“As far as how David Blatt can counter that, it’s about trust a little bit. Shawn Marion, Mike Miller – James Jones playing. Some of these bench guys are healthy. They’re not just sitting there injured. They’re versatile, veteran players. I think a little added minutes could help the Cavaliers at this point.”
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BOBBY PORTIS – 6/12/15
NBA prospect

“I’m not going to say anything or start anything. I can score the ball in a lot of ways. I can shoot the mid-range jumper, I can post up, I can do a lot of things with the basketball. Everyone says I doesn’t do anything great, but I do a lot of great things.”
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