MARC SPEARS – 6/1/15
Yahoo! Sports NBA writer

“But man, maybe this goes back to talking that old-school stuff again. I think when you’re 6-11 and you can jump like he jumps and you’re so long and you got plastic-man arms, if you get any kind of little jump hook or any kind of post game – once he gets that, this dude could perhaps be the best player in the game. He is an amazing player and he still has a lot of room to grow. So I’m sure from an offensive standpoint, Alvin can help him get there.”
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Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns beat writer

“They’re working against a really, really good secondary. They finished second in the NFL with their 21 interceptions. It’s going to happen. It’s practice. The defense is ahead of the offense. It was nothing to be alarmed about, and you cannot make bold declarations about one OTA practice.”
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Former Gonzaga star

“He’s always been physical and tried to get that upper hand, but he’s just trying to compete. Especially being undersized and not as athletic as the other guys, you got to do what you go to do. I think he’s just playing really scrappy.”
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Three-time Indy 500 winner

“Tennis, I do play well. I like (playing by) the net, (but) it depends. If I stay a long time without going to the net, I’m a little slow. Then I start working a little bit. But I like to play.”
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R.A. DICKEY – 6/3/15
Blue Jays pitcher

“I need to be more consistent. I’ve had kind of a go where I’ll throw a complete game and then the next game I’ll throw five innings, give up five runs. And then I’ll throw eight innings, and then I’ll throw six innings (and) give up six runs. So I just need to be more consistent myself (and) as a staff in general. I think you’re going to see that we’re going to perform better as we go. We’re only a third way into the season. We still have two-thirds of our season left. So we’re all optimistic that our numbers are going to trend toward the regular numbers that we’ve put up in the past.”
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Giants offensive lineman

“In college, we rotate a lot of guys. You can dress, I think, 20 more guys in college. So the first three or four games, we’re playing eight offensive linemen. We’re just rotating guys in. We’re rotating eight wide receivers and four running backs and four tight ends so you rotate and you stay fresh. (In the) NFL, you can’t do that. I do think even last year if you look, their defense was on the field a lot toward the end of the season. That’s because if the offense is not going well, (the defense will be on the field a lot). Same with Oregon football now. When the offense is not going well, the defense is on the field too much and then they get run over. That’s what’s happening sometimes when you run those high-tempo offenses. A lot of teams that run them, you find that if you get a lot of three-and-outs, your defense just gets tired. You can’t rotate guys because you don’t dress as many guys as you do in college.”
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RICK BARRY – 6/4/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“He had the greatest shot in the history of the game. Unstoppable, the sky hook. (But) Wilt Chamberlain is the top center. Nobody’s close to him. There isn’t anybody that holds a candle to Wilt. He averaged 50 points a game in one season. That’s insane. I played against Kareem, and I saw Kareem do some things in a series one time when we played them that I said, ‘Oh my god, why does he not play this way every time he puts his uniform on?’ Look at his rebounding numbers. For a guy with his talent and his ability, they’re nothing to get overly excited about. The guy could pass. I think he could have been greater than he was without question. But he did have the single greatest shot. He was a great guy. Would I like to play with him? Hell yeah. I would have loved to have played with him.”
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EJ HRADEK – 6/5/15
NHL Network analyst

“I think they fell in love with that game they played against the Rangers in Game 5 and Game 7 in New York when they played so well defensively – and they had success. They tried to do that same thing against the Blackhawks in Game 1. They really didn’t attack at all. I think they had about 15 seconds of zone time in the first 15 minutes of the third period, and eventually Chicago was able to get a couple of breaks, get the lead and finish things off. So I think experience played a large part in what happened in that game.”
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Sports Illustrated NBA writer

“J.R. Smith, unless he has one of his hot streaks – which, I guess is theoretically possible since he does that from time to time. But unless he goes for 25 every single night, and he might have to even go for more, I just don’t know how they can overcome a Golden State team that got those first-game jitters out of the way and I think is going to play much more confidently the rest of the series.”
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