Dolphins Executive VP of Football Operations

“With DeVante, we think his best games are ahead of him. He did some really good things at Louisville. He has a naturally big catching radius, really good play speed – it’s been fun to watch. But let’s face it. It’s only May. We got a long way to go.”
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BRIAN STRAUS – 5/27/15
Sports Illustrated soccer writer

“We would love to think that this is eventually going to reach him, but there’s no guarantee. He may very well have successfully insulated himself from all of this. And also, he may not necessarily be guilty of taking bribes. Sepp has always struck me as someone who would rather win the Nobel Peace Prize and lunch with presidents than enrich himself further. I think he’s perhaps is in this for different reasons. So what he might be guilty of is simply allowing all this stuff to fester underneath him. He doesn’t care. He lets the people get rich. He turns his back to the corruption and lets it go on, but may not have his hand in the till himself. That may be what this becomes. While he allowed this stuff to go on (during) his watch, he may not have his hands dirty himself in a way that could sort of be proven in a court. So we’ll see what happens.”
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JOE HARRIS – 5/28/15
Cavaliers guard

“The fans have been waiting a long time for this. They deserve it. They’re some of the best fans in sports. For them to experience something like that, something that they’re never going to forget – something that we’re never going to forget – (it’s) something that a lot of them have been waiting for for a long time.”
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JIM BREUER – 5/29/15

“Dave Chappelle called me, and he goes, ‘Jim, is it happening to you, man?’ I said, ‘What’s going on?’ (He said), ‘It’s on video. It’s about to blow up. Put your seatbelt on, man.’ And he was not kidding. That thing spread like a wild fire – and it still does.”
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ANSON CARTER – 5/29/15
NHL on NBC analyst

“So they’re pretty comfortable playing on the road. You got to credit their coach, Jon Cooper. He does a really good job preparing that young group. However, I just think the Rangers’ experience playing in these elimination games should take them over the hump.”
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