You may not know this, but longtime comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Breuer is a diehard New York Mets fan – and he’s got high hopes for this season.

The Mets are 27-21 entering play May 29 and, for what it’s worth, have a one-game lead over the Cubs for the second Wild Card spot.

“I expect them to win 85 games,” Breuer said of his beloved Mets on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I expect them to maybe make the Wild Card. If they don’t make the Wild Card, I’ll be okay.”

Breuer won’t be okay, however, if the Mets keep putting their hopes in David Wright. The 32-year-old has had a series of injuries over the last few years and was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

“Okay, here’s my honest opinion,” Breuer said. “You have to act as if he doesn’t exist and will never exist – no matter what’s going on with him. Listen, I’m a diehard fan, but let’s talk business and winning. A game is for winning. And if I know I’m always going to be in a circumstance where (you) got to use a kid from Triple-A or (you’ve got to) move this guy here – this has been going on for years. When are you finally going to go, ‘Listen, I know he’s the face of the team, but we got to go out and get somebody to play third base?’”

Time will tell.

When the Mets aren’t driving Breuer mad, he’s usually furthering his already-stellar career. He has a series of standout credits to his name, but he is best-known, perhaps, for his role as Brian in 1998’s “Half Baked,” which became, like “Friday,” a cult classic.

“Friday was the first movie that really exploded on video,” Breuer said. “I used to watch Friday all the time, and then when Half Baked came out, it was still at that time when a movie took a good year before it started hitting HBO and a year-and-change before it would get on a tape. Well, it didn’t do well in the movie theater, and they didn’t really promote it and that’s fine. But I’ll never forget . . . being on Clearwater Beach, and it’s a good year-and-a-half past the movie and I walked past the sports bar, and it was like a movie: Everyone just stopped and they’re staring at me. I was with my niece and went to the back room and literally I turned and there was like 20 guys stuck in the doorway and then they came in (saying) ‘We’re not worthy.’ The guy got on his knees and he started doing the bow thing and he’s starting to recite lines from Half Baked. ‘Let me gets some chips.’ And I have no clue what was going on. People showed up at my hotel door.”

The next day, Breuer got a call from Half Baked co-star Dave Chappelle.

Breuer’s impersonation of Chappelle’s voice was spot-on.

“Dave Chappelle called me, and he goes, ‘Jim, is it happening to you, man?’” Breuer recalled. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ (He said), ‘It’s on video. It’s about to blow up. Put your seatbelt on, man.’ And he was not kidding. That thing spread like a wild fire – and it still does.”


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