KEVIN HARLAN – 5/18/15
Turner Sports NBA announcer

“They got (flashes) from Austin Rivers, (but) it was not consistent and it didn’t last. They just had fewer answers per game off the bench than they had against the Spurs or in the first four games of the series against the Rockets. So like with anything in life, and especially in sports, it’s never just one thing. Everybody had their hand in the pot on this one for the Clippers. It’s too bad. These are proud people, very good players, outstanding coaches. But for whatever reason, the right levers weren’t pulled and the right buttons weren’t pushed and the best players did not come to the fore when they needed to – and they didn’t rescue that team.”
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PAT FORDE – 5/18/15
Yahoo! Sports horse racing and college sports columnist

“There’s physical differences. They’re bred more for speed. They’re bred less for stamina. There are more infirmities that are bred into the line. There are physical reasons why it’s much riskier to run horses back this quickly. And again, the competition is going to be more well-rested and have a very free shot at taking him down.”
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PETER KING – 5/19/15
Sports Illustrated and MMQB NFL insider

“(Jim) McNally, instead of using a bathroom in the officials’ locker room, he says he wants to use a bathroom in a public corridor. He goes in there for a minute and 40 seconds, which is time either to use the men’s room and wash your hands, or to put a pin in 13 footballs for four seconds each and then walk out of there. I think the NFL feels that the latter happened and that these two guys and Brady conspired to cover it up.”
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MIKE PEREIRA – 5/20/15
Fox Sports NFL Rules Analyst

“Since then, with the teams taking care of their own footballs, when the footballs came into the locker room, really all you did was test the pressure and make sure that the ball met the qualities of what we always use the terminology of it looked new or nearly new. If it didn’t, if it had been overly prepared or it had been in a game the week before – which you could tell by an official’s mark – and it was too scuffed up, then we’d throw it out and ask for another.”
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BOB BAFFERT – 5/20/15
American Pharoah’s trainer

“But the Triple Crown, we know we’re swimming against the current now. It’s going to be tough. Thirty-seven years, I’ve been there. It’s tough on these horses. That’s why you have to be prepared to lose. That way it makes it easier. Mentally, emotionally, I’ve been to these big dances and I know what to expect. My job is to have that horse ready. If he runs his race – he’s special. He’s a pretty special horse.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 5/21/15
Former NFL running back

“It’s going to be more on the coaching staff surrounding him with the right talent, the right philosophy and catering to his strengths more so than anything else. I think he’s a raw talent. He’s a project in the making. But they’re going to have to really refine his talent and his skill set to match whatever they’re trying to do. So we’re going to find out more as we get into the minicamps, the summer ball, going into preseason and so forth about his transition from the college game to the pro game.”
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JAY FEELY – 5/21/15
14-year NFL kicker

“They changed the hitting surface and where you hit and shrunk that and tried to move it up to the waist level and take it away from the head and eliminate heads in general from tackling. They changed kickoffs and basically eliminated kickoff returns – even though that’s one of the most exciting plays in the game – specifically for player safety. So if you’re making decisions for player safety – you’re taking out plays that are immensely exciting – then why are you changing something that really has no benefit, that really doesn’t do anything to the game (except create) an adverse situation for player safety where guys are going to get injured more often?”
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HOWARD BECK – 5/22/15
Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“If they lose the series, will people remember that he gutted it out and had a couple of nice games? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is, this is a guy who was the best center in the NBA for a certain period of time. He’s still one of the best centers in the NBA. I don’t know if he still has the title of best, but you have to come through at some point. Getting to the conference finals again is great – first time for him since Orlando. But he needs a breakthrough. Playing through injury is only part of it.”
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