KEVIN WHITE – 4/27/15
NFL wide receiver prospect

“Let’s say I did homework on the Raiders and (Derek) Carr and (people project) me at 4 and it (doesn’t happen). Now I’m upset because I had those expectations. I shouldn’t be upset because I’m one of the top guys that’s going to be drafted, and I’m honored and blessed to be drafted in the first round. I should be happy regardless because this has been my dream. I don’t let myself get into all that stuff where I’m doing homework on this team and this team because that leads to expectations and I don’t want to upset myself. So I’m just going in there open-minded. Whatever happens, happens.”
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BRYCE PETTY – 4/27/15
NFL QB prospect

“They’re going to be very successful. They’re great people. They’re a lot of fun to hang out with. And so, all we’re trying to do is be the best quarterbacks that we can be, and that’s what I’m trying to concern myself with. For me, it’s not a matter of when I go in the draft. It’s just what I do when I get there. So that’s kind of what I’ve been telling myself regardless.”
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DR. PHIL – 4/28/15

“I’ve said it a million times. If you don’t have a passion in your life, you need to get one.”
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JERRY ANGELO – 4/28/15
Former Bears GM

“I’d certainly take one of the two. Winston is more pro-like. He’s more ready-made, easier to evaluate. Not that he doesn’t have his flaws. He does – just like all players. But he’s, to me, an easier player to predict, more pro-ready. Mariota, (through) no fault of his own, just wasn’t in a scheme that grooms NFL quarterbacks.”
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DWAYNE BOWE – 4/29/15
Browns wide receiver

“Very misunderstood, very humble. We threw yesterday, and it went well. He’s a great dude, great leader off the field and he’s going to be even greater now. I think his focus has tuned in and now he got somebody like me who he can lean on. That’s all you need. You just need a couple of positive guys around you that’s going to shoot you straight and keep your focus and that’s what kind of vibe I bring. That’s what kind of energy I bring around a team and into the locker room.”
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TIM BROWN – 4/29/15
Hall of Fame wide receiver

“I think having such a young quarterback (in Derek Carr) and having a chance to get a young receiver to build with him and to have a carer with, I think, is a very difficult thing for them to pass on at this particular point. I think defensively they played well enough last year that, bringing in Leonard Williams would be great, but what does that do to your offense? Your problem was on the offensive side of the ball last year, not defensively. I was with the Raiders last week and (owner) Mark Davis said, ‘Look, our problem is offense, not defense.’ So from that standpoint, I would be shocked if they didn’t take a receiver.”
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CBS Sports NFL analyst

“He’s the type of tone-setter that the Redskins need, especially on that offensive line. They were kind of soft in the trenches over the past few years, and the quarterbacks have really taken a lot of punishment up there. So you add another mainstay on the offensive line. I love the pick.”
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Hall of Fame jockey

“I’ll be honest with you. I wish the Kentucky Derby was held to a field of 14 selected horses. Whether that will ever happen, I doubt it. But I wish, especially this year, that it was 14 horses, and the best two or three horses – or the eight horses I’m talking about – would have a legitimate chance. I can almost guarantee you right now that there are going to be three or four of us – we’re going to be eliminated at some part of the race because of traffic.”
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