There are typically two kinds of picks in the NFL Draft: guys that will make an immediate impact, and guys that will need time to develop. Tiki Barber believes that West Virginia wide receiver prospect Kevin White is of the immediate-impact variety.

“Yes, sir. Definitely,” White said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I’m planning on hitting it hard, working hard, getting the play book down. I feel like once I get the playbook down, I’ll be able to play very fast and very quick. The less thinking that I have to do, the better I am. I’m going to hit the playbook hard and try to (make) an impact right away.”

At 6-3, 210 pounds, White was a matchup nightmare last season, hauling in 109 catches for 1,447 yards and 10 touchdowns. Even scarier? White ran a 4.35 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

So he’s big, and fast, and physical. Wow.

“I think going up to the ball, using my body (and) just coming down with those 50/50 balls (is my best asset),” White said. “I think that’s what makes me a little different. I’ll go up there and snag the ball. Whether there’s two or three defenders there, I feel like I always have a chance of winning. So I think that’s (my biggest strength).”

Did we mention the 4.35 40 yet?

“A lot of people, while they were playing me, (thought), ‘This guy can’t be that fast. I watched him on film,’” White said. “Once they play me, they see how I play, and by the time they adapt, it’s too late already. A lot of people just didn’t think I was that fast because of my long strides and how I look on film. Shorter guy with (shorter) strides look faster on film. I think everyone was just surprised at that, with the speed I had at the combine.”

Taken as a whole, it’s easy to understand why White is a consensus top-10 pick. In fact, Brandon Tierney – as well as several other draft analysts – have White going fourth overall to the Oakland Raiders. White, however, isn’t getting too far ahead of himself.

Tierney asked if he’s doing his homework on various franchises and their quarterback situations – a question to which White offered a mature and measured response.

“To be honest with you, no – just because I don’t want to go into the draft with expectations,” White said. “Let’s say I did homework on the Raiders and (Derek) Carr and (people project) me at 4 and it (doesn’t happen). Now I’m upset because I had those expectations. I shouldn’t be upset because I’m one of the top guys that’s going to be drafted, and I’m honored and blessed to be drafted in the first round. I should be happy regardless because this has been my dream. I don’t let myself get into all that stuff where I’m doing homework on this team and this team because that leads to expectations and I don’t want to upset myself. So I’m just going in there open-minded. Whatever happens, happens.”


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