HOWARD ESKIN – 4/20/15
Philadelphia WIP sportscaster

“He can’t play quarterback. He’s not fast. People say, ‘Oh, he could be a backup tight end.’ No he can’t. I don’t know what his skill set is. (People say), ‘Oh, he could run a goal-line offense.’ Then what did you get DeMarco Murray for? That’s what you have running backs for. That’s what you have other players for. I don’t know what his skill set is other than he was a great – and I’ll say great – college quarterback. But it doesn’t translate into professional football. You can use a calendar to time how long it takes him to throw a football. Here’s the unbelievable part for me: that people go crazy around the country (about him). Why? Why? I know he’s a good guy. I get it. (But) he can’t play. I don’t understand it.”
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SAM PERKINS – 4/21/15
Former NBA center

“I’m telling you, (the playoffs are) going to be tight all the way. Chicago kind of looks halfway there. They’re not there yet. But these young teams like Milwaukee and Atlanta – they just seem to be on point right now and ready to give everybody a challenge.”
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JOHN SMOLTZ – 4/21/15
2015 MLB Hall of Fame inductee and MLB Network analyst

“And when you have that play out, it’s something that takes time. They’re going to win and they’re going to be in the playoffs. That’s just based on the health being relative and everything being the same. I love what they’ve done. They got to get healthy, they got to get some hitters back, and once they do that, it’ll be a matter of time before everyone else has to go in there and face these pitchers and go, ‘Oh, shoot.’ That’s really the edge they have. They have that edge – and to keep it as long as possible is the goal of every team.”
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BILL WALTON – 4/22/15
Former NBA great

“It’s how you work with people and how you’re able to interact on a constant basis. His biggest challenge is to get the right people. They don’t have that right now, and he’s going to have to change it. He’s going to have to change a roster to get the guys who will work in his world. Phil Jackson is a champion on and off the court. I love that guy, and that’s the reason I believe in the future of the New York Knicks.”
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MIKE NORTH – 4/22/15
NFL Senior Director of Scheduling

“We’ve got a handful of teams that share stadiums or parking lots or municipal services or downtown geography with baseball teams. And so we’re trying to guess which of those baseball teams might be playing playoff games in October while also trying to figure out which of the NFL teams are going to be making playoff pushes in November and December. So yeah, a lot of projection and a lot of hope.”
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RANDY CROSS – 4/23/15
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“That wasn’t just because they’re such an unbelievable crop. A lot of that was the NFL putting routes in to make those young guys comfortable. I think you just got to be progressive enough to do the same thing with your quarterback.”
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CHRIS SHERIDAN – 4/23/15 NBA insider

“Maybe somebody picks up a bargain, but most tigers don’t change their stripes. If this guy is going to be too difficult to coach, no one’s going to want to lock him up for four years. I don’t see a four-year contract being offered to him.”
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Former world champion boxer

“If you don’t want (it) to go to the judges’ hands, then you have to make the decision yourself. Somebody got to do something. Mayweather got speed and he got power, but he throws two shots to three shots. Pacquiao throws a lot of shots. The thing is, if it goes to the decision, it looks like it’s going to favor Pacquiao. So that means that Mayweather have to get him out of there. Mayweather is undefeated. I’m sure there a lot of people who would love to see him cry. This is the nature of the beast, so you don’t want to leave it in the judges’ hands.”
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SEAN ELLIOTT – 4/24/15
Spurs TV analyst

“So I’m hoping that the same thing kind of happens where we at least give ourselves a chance. We understand the Western Conference is loaded. Obviously the Clippers are much-improved. Same as Houston. Golden State’s a juggernaut right now. But we have to at least give ourselves a chance – and that means playing Spurs basketball. Then somebody has to beat us; we don’t beat ourselves.”
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