PETE GILLEN – 4/7/15
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“They don’t recruit. They select.”
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CC SABATHIA – 4/7/15
Yankees pitcher

“That’s really stressful, man, to be out there. There’s a lot going on on Opening Day. Everybody’s coming to the park, it’s a big buzz, you got a lot of family coming in and trying to get tickets and stuff – I really enjoyed it yesterday. I mean, it was a tough loss. (Tanaka) really pitched good. It was just the one inning. But for me, getting a chance to experience the fans and running out to the line for the first time, it was fun to be a part of it.”
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Giants running back

“But (I’m) going into my seventh year in the league, and I’ve played under a couple different head coaches. There’s nothing like paying for Tom Coughlin. He’s a true leader, he demands a lot for respect and he’s the kind of guy you want to play for. So when everybody on the team heard he was (coming) back, we were excited. We were texting each other, thrilled to have him back. We know this is the nature of the game. I wouldn’t say it’s make-or-break because I think what Coach Coughlin has done in this league, he’s already made. But as far as moving forward, we all want him there. So everybody’s going to do their part to make sure he’s still there.”
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JEFF CAPEL – 4/8/15
Duke assistant head coach

“I do want to be a head coach again. It’s something that when the right situation presents itself and everything fits, (I’ll know). I’m not chasing it. Because I have already done it. I know some of the mistakes that I made. I also know some things I did really well, but more importantly, I’ve been able to learn a lot here and I’m continuing to learn. So when the right situation comes, I’ll know it, I’ll feel it and I won’t hesitate to jump at it.”
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Florida State defensive lineman and NFL prospect

“To play for the home team would be like a dream on top of a dream. So yeah, I think that would be it.”
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