On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense that Florida State defensive line prospect Eddie Goldman would be a big Tiki Barber fan. After all, why would Goldman, who was born in the same year Barber graduated high school, be a fan of a running back – the very position he excels at shutting down?

Well, it’s simple. Goldman is from Washington D.C., which means he watched a lot of Washington Redskins games in his youth.

“That was my favorite team growing up, so I got to see them play the Giants twice a year, so that’s how I ended up watching Tiki Barber play,” Goldman explained on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “They got the best of the Redskins back then.”

Goldman may have grown up revering certain NFL players, but now he’s just a few weeks away from becoming one. A 6-4, 330-pound behemoth, Goldman helped the Seminoles to a national championship in 2013 and a berth in the inaugural College Football Playoff in 2014.

“It’s definitely been a blur,” Goldman said. “College just went by like that. I mean, I want it so bad, but I try not to think about it a lot because it can be nerve-wracking not knowing where you’re going to go or where you’re going to end up or anything like that. So I just try to keep a level head and just work out every day and handle it like that.”

Goldman is a projected first-round pick.

“I’m thinking I’m going in the middle of the first,” he said. “(My agent) told me a lot of teams like me, but at the same time, you never know (what they’ll do). I’m thinking middle of the first, though.”

Goldman would prefer to play in a 4-3 defense but said he’s fine with a 3-4.

“I played both defenses during my college career, so I’m very comfortable at playing a 3-4 or 4-3,” he said. “I played every position on the D-Line, just about.”

Wait, even as a pass rusher off the edge?

“Yeah, that’s why I said ‘just about,’” Goldman said, laughing. “That’s the only thing I didn’t play was the edge rusher.”

If what his agent is hearing is true, Goldman certainly wouldn’t be the only Seminole taken in the first round. After all, his teammate, Jameis Winston, is the likely No. 1 overall pick.

“He’s a funny guy, man,” Goldman said. “He cares about his teammates. He’s a genuine guy. He’s the type of guy that (when) you’re about to go into a serious game, he just puts a smile on your face. His whole thing is, have fun . . . but put in your work. He might come in there, crack a joke and make everybody laugh, but at the same time, (he’s focused on) the task at hand. He’s just that type of guy. He’s very charismatic. It’s hard not giving your all for him. He’s definitely a great guy. Definitely a great guy.”

While Goldman will be happy to play anywhere, playing for Washington would be special.

“To play for the home team would be like a dream on top of a dream,” Goldman said. “So yeah, I think that would be it.”


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