CBS Sports college basketball insider

“You think about where these guys were and where they are right now, it, to me, is pound-for-pound the best coaching job of Tom Izzo’s career.”
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TOM IZZO – 3/31/15
Michigan State head coach

“Hell, we got our work cut out for us.”
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LARRY BAER – 3/31/15
Giants CEO

“The secret to our success is we’ve been able to do it with pitching, and the pitching’s going to have to come through again this year.”
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KEN BERGER – 4/1/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“But also on the other side, because so many teams are going to have cap room – and lots of it – there will be a lot more competition for him than there normally would be in a free agent year. So a lot of different aspects are going to play into this whole thing.”
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Royals analyst

“Then they got in by the skin of their teeth into the Wild Card – and that magical game allowed them to carry that momentum to Game 7 of the World Series. So there’s just a lot of variables and it’s almost impossible to predict how this thing’s going to end up.”
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Former NBA great

“So he just made us more responsible men. He really did.”
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JACK MORRIS – 4/2/15
Former MLB pitcher and Twins TV analyst

“With that being said, I think we live in a forgiving country. If you ask for forgiveness with sincerity, I think we live in a world that will do that. I’m still waiting for Pete to do that with sincerity. I’m not the guy to make that decision, thank God, because it’s a tough decision. But there’s no question Pete will be in the Hall of Fame. I just don’t know if (it’ll happen) while he’s still alive.”
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Pirates manager

“So the Martin transition, hey, we’ve been fortunate. We brought some guys in from the outside that have done well here and been able to go other places and make a whole bunch of money – and God bless them. We’re focused on what we have, though – not what we don’t have.”
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KENNY SMITH – 4/3/15
Former NBA great and current TNT analyst

“I never want it to be about race, but that’s the type of person (he was) and his thought process of how we helped him in a time when he was the first one to bring Charlie Scott in. But he thought about it. And in passing, he’s still thinking about his players and what they’re doing and what they’re thinking.”
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Former Duke great

“That’s something you weren’t seeing from this Duke team. And it wasn’t until the latter part of the year until I really saw Quinn Cook and Tyus Jones actually (excel) defensively on the perimeter. They’re actually getting back to their defensive ways. Those are ways that could potentially help them win a championship.”
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LON KRUGER – 4/3/15
Oklahoma head coach

“But in the college level, you do it with different people. You infuse the freshmen, the transfers – whatever – each year. So it’s a different group in a way. But in a way, it’s the same thing year after year. Still a great event.”
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