TOM IZZO – 3/23/15
Michigan State head coach

“We might be the closest thing where they know they have to rely on each other because we’re not individually as talented. And that has made us that ultimate four letter word – team – beyond belief.”
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CBS Sports college basketball insider

“All of a sudden right now, Montrezl Harrrel (and) Terry Rozier have another guy that can score. And he’s not turning it over.”
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AJ HINCH – 3/24/15
Houston Astros manager

“So I as a manger can’t stand up there and talk about improvement. I just have to talk about us being us. Our best is good enough in today’s game. If we can do that in baseball 90 times a year where our best ends up with a victory, then 90 wins takes us to the playoffs. But we really have to focus on today. It’s difficult to do in our sport because it’s a grind every single day. That mentality is why you need these veteran players and guys that have been there, done that to show the way to some of the young phenoms.”
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CHIP HALE – 3/25/15
Arizona Diamondbacks manager

“We have to think about the future and what’s best for the organization moving forward. If we have to scuffle a little bit at certain points, we will to make ourselves better for the future. So we have to weigh all those things. But we feel like we have an opportunity to win this division. As crazy as that sounds to outsiders, inside the organization we think we have the talent to win here.”
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BEN REVERE – 3/25/15
Philadelphia Phillies outfielder

“Don’t get me wrong. They’re the best fans in Major League Baseball. But some of them will let you know when you’re struggling. But all of them will let you know when you’re doing well. When we get back on the winning stage, it’s going to be a fun time. It’ll be a packed house every night – or every day – and I know everybody’s going to be rocking.”
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DANA WHITE – 3/26/15
UFC president

“We’re lucky because we have over 600 people under contract, so we have a lot of stars. But there’s no doubt. Conor McGregor came out of nowhere. He’s won five straight in the UFC, four by knockout. Yeah, this kid is a massive star.”
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Former NBA All-Star

“But they’re hard to beat because their second five is just as good as their first five. I tell everybody, you got four teams in the Final Four: Kentucky’s first string, Kentucky’s second string and then whoever else is out there. It doesn’t make a difference. But they got a good team.”
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CBS Sports college basketball insider

“These guys aren’t good, they’re exceptional defenders. Andrew Harrison is hands down the most chastised player in college basketball. I’m watching the game last night, and I said, ‘You know what? If you took Andrew Harrison off Kentucky and you put him on anther team, he’s Kris Dunn.’ That’s just from talking to people in practice and watching them work out. That’s the way it is. These guys can’t catch a break.”
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