TONY BENNETT – 3/16/15
Virginia head coach

“That could have gone to them against a Wisconsin team that’s obviously terrific, so you know the quality they have. I saw Georgia played Kentucky close for the large majority of the game. So they’re all good regions, but this is a good one. Like I said, Belmont is a dangerous team without a doubt the way they play. We watched last year in our region (when) Mercer was a 15-seed (and beat) Duke. You have to come ready. And again, that’s the joy of this tournament. There’s excitement. It’s unpredictable. But yeah, it’s a good (bracket) for sure.”
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CBS Sports college basketball insider

“So if we get Villanova/NC State in the Round of 32, I think you’re going to see the Wildcats extremely tested and extremely, extremely pushed to the wire in Pittsburgh. That’s the thing that jumped out at me.”
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TIM MCCARVER – 3/17/15
Legendary broadcaster and Cardinals TV analyst

“If there is one team that, in my view, that can run away with the National League Central, it’s Pittsburgh. Milwaukee led the National League Central for four-and-a-half months last year. The Cubs are much, much improved. The Cubs are going to be a fun team to watch over the next half decade or so with Joe Maddon (and) Jon Lester. Kris Bryant is having a remarkable spring. He already has six home runs.”
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BOBBY HURLEY – 3/17/15
Buffalo head coach

“We played games like that where we got a sense of what we’re capable of doing. But you can’t keep taking a program to the well and never delivering. It was great to break through. I think people in the area now will support (us) a lot more that we got to the championship game, we were able to close it out and now we get a chance to play in the tournament.”
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Former UCLA QB, NFL prospect

“I do feel like whoever drafts me will be able to get a quarterback who can step in and play if need be. As far as . . . sitting out a year, I’m going to compete – and that’s what you want your quarterback to do. So I’m going to come in and I’m going to compete for the starting job. In my eyes, I’m going to win it. So that’s my goal, and I feel like when or if I do win the job, I can go out and play.”
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SONNY GRAY – 3/17/15
Athletics pitcher

“I took that approach from day one and continued to just compete with guys. Just make it a personal one-on-one battle with every hitter and see who comes out on top.”
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Mariners outfielder

“I think you look around at some of the players that some of the teams acquired – they’re still tough. They’re still going to be tough teams to beat – going into their house, them coming to our house. It’s going to be one of those divisions where it’s up in the air, really. I think everybody has the talent to get that No. 1 slot, but I think if we can stay healthy, we have the best chance.”
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CBS Sports college hoops analyst

“But I think really the way that the Big East can separate itself is by what it does on Saturday and Sunday and how may teams it gets in the next weekend. Because last year the Big East had zero teams in the Sweet 16. This year, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. But there’s no way to sugarcoat it. The Big 12 took it on the chin.”

KEVIN WARE – 3/20/15
Georgia State guard

“I kind of feel like he forgot that he tore his Achilles. We’re going to have to probably get him a seatbelt or something.”
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RIP HAMILTON – 3/20/15
Former NBA All-Star

“It just happens that I think a lot of people expected them to be on both sides of the bracket so they could meet up in the championship. But in order for Wisconsin to win it, they got to go through Kentucky. So if Kentucky can continue to play well – like I said, they’re still a young team. And when you got a young team, especially in the tournament, if something’s not going right, guys might go on their own. So if Coach Cal could keep them (on the same page), then they’ll win. But if they don’t, I think Wisconsin will win.”
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