JERRY PALM – 3/9/15
CBS Sports bracket expert

“They won’t get more than about 30 seconds of discussion (from the selection committee). There’s just absolutely nothing to talk about there.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“It’s a regime there now where this is a league of opposites. You had Harbaugh there who was sort of the micro-manager who ran everything, who took all the bullets, who was the face of the franchise. He’s gone. And you’ve got ownership basically taking that thing back and saying we’re going to put a coach in control who we can pretty much control and we’re going to call all the shots and we’re going to show how smart we are. In that division, it’s going to be tough. That is a team in transition.”
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JAY WRIGHT – 3/9/15
Villanova head coach

“And all of these things now to come out – I’ve never seen any of that. So it’s really been a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. I’m kind of struggling with it right now, and I hope what you say is true for him. I hope they can handle this and continue to be (the) great program they are.”
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STEVE PROHM – 3/10/15
Murray State head coach

“Ask Jerry Palm if the BCS-level teams 4 through 8 can go from November 30th to March 7 with our schedule and win games. I don’t know what his answer will be, but if you ask the people that know basketball, I know what their answer will be – and it’ll be no. He has no clue on how good the top half of our league is. None. None. At all.”
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SHAUN KING – 3/10/15
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst

“I don’t think Sanchez is one of the top 30 quarterbacks in the NFL, (but) I think Sanchez is better than Nick Foles. I think he brings a little more athleticism. I think he throws a better deep ball. And even though he’s as inconsistent as Foles, I just think those two things make him a little bit better. But I don’t think you have a chance to win a championship with either one of those guys as your starter.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/11/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“They really do play a brand of basketball that you don’t see too much of in the East – and that’s the Spurs’ style. He’s brought a lot of the Popovich offensive stuff to Atlanta. They move the ball and everybody moves and cuts and plays together. There’s action on the weak side. It just creates a fun environment to be in. They’re really good. I think anyone who looks at them and says (they can’t win without a star), they’ll be sorely mistaken.”
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RICK BYRD – 3/11/15
Belmont head coach

“We’re going to be playing an elite, top-10 team in this tournament. We’ve got to get better over the next three or four days and then hopefully we can come up with a game plan that gives us a chance.”
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TERRY CREWS – 3/12/15
Actor, former NFL player

“I tell everybody: The NFL is a monopoly. I’m going to bust everybody’s bubble. It’s a monopoly. All the money’s going to the same place. The competition is an illusion. I loved the NFL – loved it, played in it. But I don’t have that kind of faithfulness to it – because there’s no competition. It’s not real. I hate to tell everybody, but all the money goes to the same place. Anybody who’s played totally understands that it’s a monopoly. The NFL just wants (each) city to pay for whatever they’re doing. It’s kind of crazy. I love it, but at the same time, it’s a freaking monopoly.”
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Angels manager

“Mike has made adjustments that haven’t been very public as far as what he’s done in the batter’s box over the course of just his short time in the major leagues. This is just another adjustment that he feels that he needs to make. It’s a subtle one. I don’t thin it’s going to be anything major, and I think that even if he continues to be on the same path he was last year, you’re talking about an incredibly productive player and MVP-caliber (player). He’ll be just fine.”
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