JOHN STARKS – 3/2/15
Former Knicks great

“We just took on that energy of the team, and Mase exemplified that – being from New York and having that brash attitude, not playing second fiddle to nobody. And so, I think that’s what our mentality was. That’s what Coach Riley set out to have that mindset every time we took the court. And so, I think that’s why those teams in the ’90s, I think fans loved those teams because of the attitude that we had and our style was hard-nosed – just like New York City. It’s a blue collar city, and we was a blue-collar team.”
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MIKE CONLEY JR. – 3/3/15
Grizzlies guard

“Listen, I don’t want to bite my words. I’ll tell you what: I don’t want to play San Antonio or Oklahoma City. They’re both fantastic teams. Oklahoma’s getting on the winning track now with the way they’ve been paying. And San Antonio, I feel like they’re going to get it going here shortly and run off like 17 in a row. So you never know what’s going to happen with them.”
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LARRY BROWN – 3/3/15
SMU head coach

“Marbury was not our problem. That’s not fair. Isiah (Thomas) and Marbury were a problem because Marbury and Isiah were connected at the hip, and there was no chance for Stephon to be able to play for me. But he was a good kid and had really no chance (of) being successful the way the dynamics worked out. A coach needs to be able to coach a team and needs the president, the owner, the GM – everybody – to be on the same page. Jim Dolan gave me every chance to be successful, but we didn’t have any unity in the way that program was run. And as a result, it struggled.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/4/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“As good as Golden State has been, Memphis is kind of nipping at their heels. Houston has played better. But one through eight, I don’t care who you are. I don’t want to play any of those teams. I don’t care where they’re seeded.”
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Texas head coach

“Even when we started to build it there at Louisville, it was all about that. And more than anything, I think that those young men were so proud when they walked across the stage, and it just carried over on the football part of it because now they performed well on the field. And (it’s) the same thing here. That has to happen.”
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NFL WR prospect

“I think my Pro Day went real good. I ran good routes. I caught the ball good. Overall, that was my goal going into (it).”
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NFL Network analyst

“No, he’s not. He’s not Tom Brady. He’s not pretty. He’s not going to have a clinic film on him with all of this stuff. But I think he’s good enough. I think he’s coachable enough. I think he’s a young kid. He’s only been there three years, so you’re going to have a guy that has a lot of practice and rep time in front of him, so he can smoothen out some of the things Jaws might be talking about. That doesn’t concern me. It wouldn’t be a reason not to draft him.”
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JASON COLE – 3/6/15
Bleacher Report NFL reporter

“Any system, anytime, anywhere – (if you) line up Ndamukong Suh on your defensive line, I think he plays. (The best) fit is probably in Indianapolis. Miami is interesting. I’m not sure if that’s real or if that’s a smoke screen. Oakland’s going to bid through the roof. He could get $65, $70 million guaranteed. He’d be a fit there because he would completely change everything they’re trying to accomplish. He would give them legitimacy on a team that – between the owner, the GM and the coach – I don’t think people look at (them) and say, ‘That’s a legitimate contending team.’ But all of a sudden you get him (and that changes).”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“Rysheed Jordan is now playing the way people thought he was going to play when he came to St. John’s. (He’s) a McDonald’s All American, and he’s been absolutely terrific in his last (few) games.”
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