Bleacher Report NFL reporter Jason Cole dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney on Friday for a rapid-fire NFL segment covering a variety of topics.

Up first: Chip Kelly, whom Cole called “the Paul Westhead of football.” Are there legitimate concerns that free agents might not want to play for Kelly because he’s so system-driven – as opposed to personnel-driven?

“Look, people will go there if the money is good enough,” Cole said. “Let’s not kid each other about this too much. But I think there is a certain feeling of a lack of respect for talent and an over-evaluation of the system. And guys always get suspect when they see that because, ultimately, talent wins. You can be Bill Walsh and have the greatest system in the world, but it kind of helps to have Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. They just got to wonder is this guy full of himself, or does he realize you have to have talented people?”

Only time will tell.

Time will also tell us what the Bears decide to do with Jay Cutler. If the Bears actually cut him loose, what would the market be like for the disgruntled quarterback?

“It’s still very good because there just aren’t that many human beings who can throw a football that way,” Cole said. “So somebody will take a chance on him. If you were Houston and you were looking at the quarterback situation you have and Jay Cutler was available, you’d sit there and go, ‘I’ll take my shot with that.’ I think, however, he’s not going anywhere. Because the whole reason behind the decision to hire John Fox and Adam Gase was to work with Jay Cutler and try to turn his personality around and make him the leader that they all hope and expect that he will be. I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that, but that was the goal in hiring Fox.”

Darrelle Revis, meanwhile, will likely stay in New England or sign with the Jets.

“If the Jets blow out the market and they get to like $2 or $3 million more per year, they’ll win this one,” Cole said, “but they have to blow out the market. He’s going to get a minimum of three years, $42 million and with a minimum of $30 (million) of it guaranteed. That’s bare minimum.”

Cole then explained the difference between Revis and other cornerbacks who are considered elite – such as Seattle’s Byron Maxwell.

“Maxwell is a really good No. 2 who’s a physical guy with long arms and can do some things, but you have to have cover for him,” Cole said. “You have to have a safety over the top. You have to have help for a guy like that. You look at Darrelle and go, ‘Darrelle, cover that dude. Just go do whatever you have to do, and I’ll deal with the rest.’”

The same can be said for Ndamukong Suh.

“Any system, anytime, anywhere – (if you) line up Ndamukong Suh on your defensive line, I think he plays,” Cole said. “(The best) fit is probably in Indianapolis. Miami is interesting. I’m not sure if that’s real or if that’s a smoke screen. Oakland’s going to bid through the roof. He could get $65, $70 million guaranteed. He’d be a fit there because he would completely change everything they’re trying to accomplish. He would give them legitimacy on a team that – between the owner, the GM and the coach – I don’t think people look at (them) and say, ‘That’s a legitimate contending team.’ But all of a sudden you get him (and that changes).”

Cole thinks it’s possible but unlikely that Suh stays in Detroit.

“Yeah, there’s a small chance,” Cole said, “but I just don’t think they’re going to get up in that $60, $65 million guarantee range.”


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