ROB RANG – 2/23/15
CBS Sports NFL Draft expert

“Kind of staying off to himself, tossing the ball off to himself most of the time, not interacting with his receivers – but at the same time matching Jameis Winston with perfect pass after perfect pass. That is the big takeaway in my mind. I’ve been going to the combine for the last decade. I have never seen tow top-ranked quarterbacks come in and perform as brilliantly as Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota performed.”
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DEVIN SMITH – 2/24/15
NFL WR prospect

“I was very, very impressed with Jameis Winston. He put the ball right on the money. There was times when I was just sitting back and just watching him. Man, he can throw that ball.”
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TERRY STOTTS – 2/24/15
Portland Trail Blazers head coach

“He’s started for the last four or five years. He just knows how to play. He’s a very good defender. I think his style of play fits the way we play at both ends of the court. And I think between him, Wes Matthews and (Nicolas) Batum, I think those three guys will just kind of be (split time) at (shooting guard and small forward).”
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BYRON JONES – 2/25/15
NFL cornerback prospect

“That’s definitely my personal best. That’s my personal best by eight inches.”
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KEN BERGER – 2/25/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“Of course fans and people in our business, you have to think the other way. And if you’re running the Bulls and you’re the GM, Gar Forman, and (the vice president), John Paxson, and the coach in Tom Thibodeau, you have to start thinking, ‘We need to make plans. Because this guy’s owed $41 million over the next two years and he’s played . . . 56 games in the last three (seasons).’ So it’s a problem.”
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RONDA ROUSEY – 2/27/15
UFC champion

I’m not making that mistake again. I love fighting, and I want to fight as long as I can, but you have a short shelf life in this sport. I don’t want to be left without any goals when I’m done. I’m kind of preparing myself to embark on a whole other quest when this fighting one is finished.”
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J.J. REDICK – 2/27/15
Clippers guard

“I think when you’re younger and you’re 18 years old, you maybe pay attention to people that criticize you or doubt you. But around the time I was 22 or 23 years old, I just had a different mindset about life. I’m not motivated by negativity. I think if you’re ever motivated by your critics, you’re being motivated from a negative place. I’m motivated by what I want to do for myself, what I want to do for my family, the standard I want to set for myself, the professional I want to be – those are the things that motivate me. Not because some guy on a blog said I can’t play basketball.”
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