CHRIS MANNIX – 2/16/15
Sports Illustrated NBA and boxing insider

“Something’s going to happen this week, let’s put it that way. The two sides have pretty much agreed to almost everything. I know Pacquiao’s side has told me repeatedly they’ve agreed to everything. Mayweather’s side told me they’re close on everything. If this thing falls apart, it’ll never happen. But we will have a resolutions at some point this week. Otherwise Pacquiao’s side has told me they’re prepared to move on.”
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BEN JACOBSON – 2/17/15
Northern Iowa head coach

“He wants to talk about other teams. He wants to talk about our team. He wants to talk about how things stack up right now, what’s coming. So he and I will talk individually about some of that stuff, but it’s not something I talk to our team about.”
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Hawks forward

“He brought in guys and gave myself and Paul Millsap bigger roles. He really kind of put this team together. I think Danny knows he made a mistake and we understand that, but I don’t think he’s a racist. I just think he made a mistake. The comments he made was not good comments, but at the same time, everybody makes mistakes. I think the team will welcome him back with open arms. I know if he’s not a GM in Atlanta, he’ll be a GM somewhere.”
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KEN BERGER – 2/18/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“Where he winds up, if anywhere, depends on whether he gets moved before the deadline or whether he goes the free-agent route. Because once you’re a free agent, you can go wherever you want as long as they have cap space.”
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PETE PRISCO – 2/19/15
CBS Sports senior NFL columnist

“I just don’t think you pay – Tiki will know this – you don’t pay 32-year-old running backs. You just don’t. That’s just not the way of the world anymore.”
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MLB Network analyst

“I look at what the Padres did, all the moves they made – those are huge. To get Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Wil Myers – they transformed that club.”
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CHRIS LANDRY – 2/20/15
NFL scout

“The football part is relatively easy. The getting to know the player and getting to know the person and knowing how they’re going to respond to certain situations is very difficult.”
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NBA insiders

“So being able to get Brandon Knight and losing two quality guards in Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic – it could have been ugly. I don’t know if we’ve gotten better, but we didn’t take that far of a step back, either.”
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