Brandon Browner accomplished something on Feb. 1 that very few NFL players have done. He won his second Super Bowl title in as many years – and he did it with two different teams.

Browner, 30, was a key member of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” in 2013, and he was a pivotal cornerback for New England in 2014.

“Oh, man, it’s been an awesome ride for me,” Browner said on Tiki and Tierney. “I had a few ups and downs, but I’ve been more than blessed. I’ve been able to play in the Super Bowl and get two rings in two years.”

Browner, who was born in Los Angeles and played college ball at Oregon State, went undrafted in 2005. He was signed by Denver but injured his arm, missed the entire season and was waived in 2006. He then spent four years playing for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL before signing with Seattle in 2011.

At 6-4, his length was a huge asset for both the Seahawks and the Patriots.

“In high school, I played receiver and safety,” Browner explained. “So coming out of high school, I thought I was going to be a wideout at Oregon State. That’s what I thought I signed up for. They made the change once I got to school.”

Browner moved to corner. Not that he’s mad about it or anything. After all, he’s won two Super Bowls.

And the second was far more stressful than the first. Seattle beat Denver, 43-8, in Super Bowl XLVIII, but New England needed a goal-line interception from Malcolm Butler to survive Super Bowl XLIX and beat Seattle, 28-24.

“It takes a lot of guts for a rookie to trust in his (preparation) to make that play,” Browner said of Butler. “That play he made was big for us as a whole organization. He deserves all the praise he gets.”

Browner was then asked to compare and contrast Seattle and New England from an organizational standpoint.

“It is similar,” he said. “You got two very good football groups. Good coaches. The chemistry they got, it’s a tight group up there in Seattle, and they’re a confident bunch. That’s what we had here in New England. We just maybe (didn’t get) the publicity they got, but I think those are the similarities between the two teams.”

There are also some similarities, believe it or not, between Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. In fact, Browner said playing for Belichick is actually fun.

“Well, they’re both fun to play for,” Browner said. “Anytime you can play ball, do what you love, make a lot of money, it would be fun. It’s just two different environments. Pete Carroll, it’s a lot loose around there. On your way to meetings, you can be hearing your favorite rap artist playing in the meeting room. We got a basketball court in the meeting room. We shoot best-of-five before a meeting starts.

“Belichick’s old school, which I’m used to,” Browner continued. “He reminds me of my high school coach. You’re running after every practice and things like that. They’re both fun. Belichick will test you a little more, I’d say. Pete keeps it loose and fun like we’re still in high school.”


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