Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns reporter

“It really, really disturbed them – and it would disturb anyone. It had to disturb his parents. We’re assuming that this is a rehab facility where they’re going to be dealing with substance issues, and I don’t know that for sure yet. But I’m just basing that on everything I’ve seen since April, that it would probably be addressing a number of different things.”
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CLARK JUDGE – 2/2/15
NFL Talk of Fame Network analyst

“It’s a bad call. It’s a horrendous call, honestly. I’ve been covering this sport for close to 35 years. I don’t recall a call that disastrous. Maybe the mistake in the Meadowlands (in 1978) when you think of Joe Pisarcik. That was horrendous, too. But what in the world are you thinking? You got Marshawn Lynch. You got three feet to go. You got three downs, two timeouts. What are you thinking? I think it’s always going to be part of his legacy. It’s always going to be something he’ll be asked about. And honestly, when he passes on, it’ll probably be in the second or third graph.”
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CATO JUNE – 2/3/15
Former NFL linebacker

“We had a lot of games where Brady was the semi-comeback kid. Look at the Alabama game in the Orange Bowl (in January 2000). We were down 14 twice in that game and came back and won. So it was always there. I think the guys that played with him at least in college (knew) this guy could be something special.”
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CBS Sports NFL writer

“The Carolina Panthers have a no-name secondary that’s looked pretty good two years in a row, but it’s not because they’re great players. It’s because they have a front four that gets after the quarterback. It’s a trickle-down effect. So I think if you’re Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff, you need to start getting guys that can get after the passer ASAP.”
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TIM BROWN – 2/4/15
NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver

“I went to open the door because people had been coming by all day just saying good luck or whatever. When I opened the door, (Hall of Fame executive director) Dave Baker was standing there with all the cameras. So I knew something special was going down.”
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NOTAH BEGAY – 2/5/15
Golf Channel analyst

“It’s a hard time. I mean, I’m not going to say I don’t know any fixes. Last time I talked to him, he doesn’t have any sort of plausible options. But it’s certainly not going to go without time and energy and putting a lot of effort into fix it.”
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Former Syracuse basketball standout

“That’s always (going to happen). If someone’s trying to help you out a little bit, nine times out of 10 you’re going to accept a little help because you need it. Not that you want it. You need it.”
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HANK HANEY – 2/6/15
Tiger Woods former swing coach

“That’s not because he just isn’t mentally there or something. He’s making just bad golf swings. It starts with first getting healthy, though. If he’s not healthy enough to practice, then nothing else even has a chance. Obviously this is a complex situation, and certainly a better thought process wouldn’t hurt. But I don’t see Tiger enlisting the help of any sports psychologist.”
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