BOBBY HURLEY – 1/26/15
Former Duke guard and current Buffalo head coach

“I played the game with a lot of passion and a lot of emotion. I fueled off of coach’s emotion and his pre-game speeches. It’s not just the words. There’s true emotion and passion behind it. He makes people believe and . . . (he enables you) to just play at your highest level in terms of energy. It was one of a kind to get a chance to compete for him.”
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RAY LUCAS – 1/27/15
Former NFL QB

“To come out on the other side, I always tell my story – not just for the football player that’s suffering in silence, but for your uncle or your brother or your aunt or your sister who’s also struggling with opiate dependency. I just want to give people hope that you can come out on the other side no matter how bad it is. I don’t think too many people are getting past 1,400 pills a month and still (living).”
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JOE HADEN – 1/27/15
Cleveland Browns cornerback

“We really want to get that ‘Same old Browns’ thing out of there. We were 7-9. That’s the most wins we’ve had since I’ve been here. I can feel the change. When we were 7-4, it felt different. I feel like we got something special at least growing.”
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GREG OLSEN – 1/28/15
Carolina Panthers tight end

“I think he got a lot of scrutiny and a lot of pressure being the No. 1 overall pick, coming to a team with only two wins, a new coaching staff – all those things combined. People wanted to pick him apart. They wanted to see if this guy was for real, and I think he’s done nothing but deliver.”
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ANTHONY BARR – 1/28/15
Minnesota Vikings linebacker

“I don’t think he plays outside of himself. I think he knows his strengths and what he’s good at, and he kind of plays to those. He didn’t have AD to kind of help him out, so I think what he was able to do without Adrian Peterson was pretty awesome. Guys love him. He’s one of my favorite players on the team. Like I said, I think he’s going to be a great player for us.”
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Former NFL running back

“I had to adjust my game and really learn how to run inside and run that play that Marty Schottenheimer wanted to run. And I remember my mother used to say all the time, ‘Why he keep running you up the middle?’ Ma, I have to do it! If I want to get paid at this job, I have to run up the middle. It’s the coach I have, and it is what it is.”
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REX RYAN – 1/29/15
Buffalo Bills head coach

“He was so good to me, and I truly believe he’s a great owner and he cares deeply for this team. He wants a championship. He wanted to do whatever it took. So it certainly wasn’t a reflection on him, how this team ended up winning four games. I absolutely believe it. But we ended up winning four games. Hard to explain. But my team, I was proud of them. The reason I’m sitting in the chair I’m in now is because of the way my players played. So I admire that stuff. I’ll never say a bad word about that organization.”
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NICK FOLES – 1/29/15
Philadelphia Eagles

“Mark’s a tremendous guy, a tremendous competitor. He did a great job when he stepped in. He was great when I was playing, helping me get ready for games. So it was great when he went in there when I was injured. To see him go in there and excel and play well, it was great to see that. But I’m not sure what the future holds.”
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LE’VEON BELL – 1/29/15
Pittsburgh Steelers running back

“The hit wasn’t as bad as it looked, thankfully. (But) like you said, catching the ball when you can’t se a guy coming for your knee, it kind of sucks. When you’re running, you kind of see (when a) guy comes, so you kind of brace yourself. But when you catch it, it’s a little different.”
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Vikings running back

“It was different because we (suddenly had) to game-plan without Adrian. But Matt Asiata, Jerick McKinnon, Joe Banyard – those guys did a great job just stepping up in crucial situations for us. They gave us another identity that we can run the football, and we just made the best of what we had.”
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DEION BRANCH – 1/30/15
Former Patriots Super Bowl MVP

“I think the Patriots are going to get a lot of heat just because. I’ll never forget (what) my uncle always told me: As much as you enjoy seeing champions, a lot of people like to go against them. And I think that’s pretty much what it is right now.”
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BRUCE ARIANS – 1/30/15
Arizona Cardinals head coach

“I really wanted him to join our staff. It was a little bit too far from the family when he settled down. It’s so hard when you change from somewhere like Pittsburgh. I was there eight years. Dick was there 11. You clean out your apartment. You do those things. You clean out your office. I hope he’s coaching – because I know he doesn’t want to retire. He’s a freak of the nature.”
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