Bill Belichick and Tom Brady left much to be desired in their “DeflateGate” press conferences Thursday, both denying any culpability in yet another cheating scandal involving the New England Patriots.

There’s just one small problem for the outraged masses: Even if Belichick and Brady were lying, how do you prove it?

“I don’t know,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Tony Gonzalez said on Tiki and Tierney. “I’m going off what people said. That’s the only thing I have. People (ask), ‘Is it easier to catch (a deflated ball)?’ Yeah, it’s a little easier to catch, I guess, but I don’t think it would have that big of an impact on a game. And I don’t know how you would prove it – unless they had one of the balls from the game, but it’s gone. It’s too late. But they did do the test on it, so I got to go off whoever did the test.”

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we have to go off of, as commissioner Roger Goodell has been silent on yet another black eye for the league.

“It’s such a stink that I don’t know,” Gonzalez said. “What would he say, though? Maybe he’s still gathering information, I would like to think, knowing his style. And then he’ll come out and give a judgment on it – at least he should. He should say something eventually, and I think he will.”

Brandon Tierney, however, cannot get over the fact that Goodell has not personally reached out to Brady. It’s just a lazy, bad look for the commissioner.

Forget about taking a hard line; Goodell is taking no line at all.

“How can you go out there and prove that (Brady and Belichick were responsible), though?” Gonzalez countered. “What are you going to do? It’s too late.”

In other news, John Fox and Adam Gase are taking their talents to Chicago, where they’ll be the latest duo to try to help arguably the biggest enigma in he NFL, Jay Cutler.

“A lot of people keep expecting (him to get better),” Gonzalez said of the 31-year-old. “But I think at this point, he’s going into Year 10 or whatever he is. He’s not changing. What you see is what you get. He’s not a young guy who’s going to keep evolving. I think you have to get used to the fact that he’s a good quarterback. Is he a great quarterback? I don’t think so. Maybe at times. He’s really streaky. If he’s going to be of any type of worth to you, you better make sure you get an offensive line that’s going to stand there and protect him, because once he gets a little bit of pressure – not unlike a lot of quarterbacks – it seems like he goes into the tank and starts making bad decisions. So that’s the first thing I would do is build that offensive line up, and you’ll see the best of him.”

In other words, do what the Dallas Cowboys did: invest in the big boys upfront, commit to the running game and make safe plays through the air.

“There’s only maybe four or five quarterbacks in the league that can produce good results by throwing the ball 40 times a game,” Gonzalez said. “Every other quarterback, you throw the ball 40 times a game, bad stuff is bound to happen. I agree with you. Keep it simple, get that running game going. You have one of the best running backs in the league (in Matt Forte). Go out there and make those safe throws and when you have to go deep, go ahead and take chances.”


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