PETE PRISCO – 1/19/15
CBS Sports senior NFL columnist

“It just sounds like a big bunch of nothing, but it is a big bunch of something when it’s the Patriots because of what happened in the past. If this is any other team, (we probably wouldn’t give it any credence). But it’s the Patriots, so everybody goes, ‘Oh, they’re cheating again.’”
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AL MICHAELS – 1/19/15
NBC play-by-play announcer

“But you know what it is? It’s like you’re a horse in the starting gate, and the gate opens up and you just want to come out cleanly. You don’t want to stumble or throw the rider. But once you get going, you’ve been there before, and the game is the game. Just open up cleanly, get going, get off to a good start and you’ve been there before.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 1/20/15
CBS Eye on Baseball analyst

“I thought it was risky to turn down the offer he got in spring training (last year) from the Tigers (six years, $144 million). He bet on himself, which takes some you-know-what to be able to do that, and he ended up winning in doing that. That shows the kind of confidence you want from your guy. There are a lot of other soon-to-be free-agent pitchers that are really enjoying seeing this news today.”
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JASON DUFNER – 1/20/15
PGA Tour golfer

“I haven’t played a lot of golf since July. I’ve probably played close to 30 rounds – casual and competitive, which isn’t a lot for somebody that supposedly does this professionally, so I need to play and practice. I feel good health-wise. I haven’t had any limitations of setbacks. I just need to get out there and get some golf reps in and get into golf shape again.”
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CHRIS SHERIDAN – 1/21/15 NBA insider

“When you’ve lost four out of five and you got to a stretch coming up that includes the Spurs and the Mavericks and the Rockets and the Warriors, there’s a chance you could lose eight of 10, nine out of 10 games. And if that’s the case, (owner) Jerry Reinsdorf is going to be the ultimate authority that says, ‘Hey, do we need another voice in here? And do we need it sooner rather than later?’”
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Seattle Seahawks defensive end

“It’s the part of the season where injuries are just injuries. You got so much time to heal. Guys are going to play. You got to play through everything at this point. I think we got guys with the mindset like that. Sherman wants to be the best of all time, so he’s going to play. Earl wants to be the best of all time to, so they’re going to play the game – and they’re going to play at a high level.”
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Former Seahawks running back

“Yup, and it’s pretty awesome because them boys come to play, and they come to work. They practice hard, they play hard, they go after it. It’s pretty fun to see.”
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CBS Sports NFL analyst

“Every other quarterback, you throw the ball 40 times a game, bad stuff is bound to happen. I agree with you. Keep it simple, get that running game going. You have one of the best running backs in the league (in Matt Forte). Go out there and make those safe throws and when you have to go deep, go ahead and take chances.”
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STEVE LAVIN – 1/23/15
St. John’s head coach

“(There will) be (a) kind of palpable energy in the house for a number of reasons – for Coach K and the milestone that he’s in pursuit of, because it’s a St. John’s/Duke game, because it’s in the Garden, it’s on a Sunday and this is the time of year (when) more eyes turn towards college basketball. So I think it’ll be a special situation where you’ll have a lot of people in the house that are rocking for Duke, and then you’ll have a lot of St. John’s fans there as well who want to see (us) beat Duke. So I know our players are looking forward to the challenge.”
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