Jason Dufner will serve as a “Well-Being Ambassador” in the Humana Challenge this week, which is fitting given that Dufner recently lost 20 pounds.

“Yeah, I feel a lot different,” the PGA Tour golfer said on Tiki and Tierney. “I’m excited about it. I’m trying to get out there and inspire some people just to make some changes. I was in a situation last year with my health (where I was) not feeling good (and was) injured. It wasn’t much fun. I did some research, consulted with some people to see where I could do better, and I made some changes in my life. I made some changes with my diet, and I made some changes with my exercise program.”

Dufner even gave up alcohol – for the most part.

“No alcohol, man,” he said. “Alcohol’s out. (I had some on) New Year’s (and will have some) here and there, but I try to avoid it.”

Dufner’s two main vices, however, were food-related.

“I probably got two vices that are pretty equal,” he said. “Fast food. I love fast food for whatever reason. And then anything with chocolate and peanut butter is always real good.”

Dufner, 37, also used to dip.

“That’s not the best thing for you,” he said.

In any event, Dufner is coming off one heck of a 2013 season. He finished in the top five at the U.S. Open, in the top 20 at the Masters, and he won the PGA Championship.

He said the weight loss has not really affected his golf game – not his mechanics, anyway.

“I feel better obviously,” he said. “I have more energy out there. I feel like I recover quicker. That’s one of the biggest things for us. I know golf doesn’t seem like it’s the most physical sport, but there’s a lot of wear and tear on your body – on your neck, on your back, on your hip, on your shoulders. We’re walking a good bit. So recovery is huge for us. A lot of sports, they play one game and they might have a day or two or sometimes a week off. If we play on Thursday, we might have to have a 7 a.m. tee time the next day, so recovery is huge. I feel like my recovery is really good.

“But I need to get in golf shape,” Dufner continued. “I haven’t played a lot of golf since July. I’ve probably played close to 30 rounds – casual and competitive, which isn’t a lot for somebody that supposedly does this professionally, so I need to play and practice. I feel good health-wise. I haven’t had any limitations of setbacks. I just need to get out there and get some golf reps in and get into golf shape again.”

Dufner, who was a walk-on golfer at Auburn, is also a diehard college football fan. He thought the College Football Playoff was extremely compelling and enjoyed it a great deal.

Dufner said he prefers college football to the NFL. He was also hesitant to say which NFL team he cheers for.

“I don’t want to tell you,” he said. “I was born in Cleveland, so that should give you a hint.”


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