JAMES LOFTON – 1/12/15
Westwood One Sports analyst

“I think there are a lot of Dallas Cowboys sympathizers on the NFL Network – Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin. And so they’re watching and thinking, ‘We want to sit next to Jerry at the Super Bowl,’ and they’re going, ‘It’s a catch! It’s a catch!’ No, it wasn’t a catch by the rules – and you do play by the rules. Dez Bryant’s athletic and he tried to reach out, but he did not complete the catch like you’re supposed to going to the ground. And it would have been the same if it were a third-and-8 play. He did not complete the catch.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 1/12/15
Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL running back

“Oregon is No. 2 in the country in turnover margin. That’s where they thrive. If Ohio State does not turn the ball over, they win this game. If Ohio State turns the ball over, Oregon will annihilate them.”
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BRIAN JONES – 1/13/15
Gio And Jones co-host

“I think you’ve got to covet his skill set. He’s an athletic guy for being so big, so I think he’s got to look long and hard at what they’re saying, where they have him slated. Because I could see this kid – just on the strength of those three games – being at least a second or third rounder.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 1/13/15
Sirius XM and Westwood One Sports NFL analyst

“I think organizations that have fan bases that are hungry for relevance really need to be careful not to kind of kowtow just trying to feed them some attention, which, I think, is what some of them want.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I can see the Niners hiring an offensive guy, bringing in a new system for Colin Kaepernick. Maybe that’s what the thought is.”
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RICH GANNON – 1/14/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“I think you look at a lot of these wide-open offenses in college and they don’t spend any time under center. The running game is kind of a mix. They’ve got a lot to learn in a short period of time, and the rules make it even more difficult now with the new CBA and the restrictions you have in terms of getting your hands on these players early in the offseason.”
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NICK MANGOLD – 1/15/15
New York Jets center

“Win the Super Bowl. That’s the expectation. You go in with anything less, you’re guaranteed to lose.”
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DANA WHITE – 1/15/15
UFC president

“That’s one of the things he didn’t get credit for. He was the best fighter on earth, and he was 38 years old. Now he’s 39. He had that freak accident where his shin broke and now he’s healthy. But you’re talking about a guy that is absolutely dedicated, who’s done all the rehab and therapy and all the things he’s supposed to do and is training like a mad man to come back. Who knows? We’ll see. I don’t know if he’s going to be the fighter he was, but he’s going to be pretty damn good.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“If (Jones) feels like he’s able to buy low on Adrian Peterson and he’s reinstated, they’ve got their eye on that situation. Murray would make the case, ‘I should be making what LeSean McCoy and some of these guys are making – or at least close to it.’ They’re not offering anything close to that. I think they’ll continue to slow-play that. If somebody blows Murray out of the water early in free agency, then so be it. I think they feel like with their offensive line and their quarterback and some of their their weapons there that he’s replaceable. If you can buy low on Adrian Peterson – and he’s a more physical back than Murray – just watch out for that one.”
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LEROY BUTLER – 1/16/15
Former Packers safety

“Just because he’s wounded doesn’t mean you walk up to him. You may get bit. You may die. It’s just one of these things. As a matter of fact, guys, he said his calf may even be worse than last week. But he also knows this is the NFC Championship Game. This can separate (him) from a lot of quarterbacks who won just one championship. (If he win this game, he) get a chance to be a repeat Super Bowl winner.”
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