After a few weeks of intentional unemployment, Doug Marrone might officially be in wait-and-see mode, as no franchise appears hellbent – or even all that interested – in making him its next head coach.

Oh well. No tears will be shed on his behalf.

“The worst case for Doug Marrone is he goes to Houston with his buddy Bill O’Brien on a team that’s on the rise,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on Tiki and Tierney. “He helps him create some assistant head coach position on offense and he gets $4 million to do that. Well, he gets to double dip because there’s no offset. So he gets $4 million from the Bills plus whatever Houston pays him. So I wouldn’t be shedding any tears for him, but it certainly looks like a miscalculation.

“When they pulled out of Buffalo, they had a sense that they were going to get one of these other jobs,” La Canfora continued. “And it looks like he may be the guy who’s left without a seat at the table now. His interview with the Jets went okay, but it didn’t go tremendously well to the point where (Jets owner) Woody (Johnson) felt like (he had to hire him). The more they dug on him, the less comfortable they got with him.

“He’s still ostensibly in play in Atlanta and Chicago. He’s met with those teams. If Chicago doesn’t get something done with John Fox – now, I expect them to get something done with John Fox today – but if that falls apart, Marrone worked for four years with their GM, Ryan Pace, in New Orleans, and he’d have a shot there.

“And if somehow it falls apart in Atlanta and they don’t wait for Dan Quinn, then Marrone might have a shot there as well. But as it stands now, I’m going to say he ends up with Bill O’Brien for a year, and we’ll see what he’s able to do on the head-coaching market – college or pro – next year”

Elsewhere in the NFL, Jerry Jones has said it will be difficult to retain both Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray next season. Whether this is true or simply just contractual posturing is unknown, but La Canfora expects Bryant to be back with the Cowboys, even if it comes via a franchise tag.

But Murray? That could get interesting.

“I think the elephant in the room is Adrian Peterson,” La Canfora said. “If (Jones) feels like he’s able to buy low on Adrian Peterson and he’s reinstated, they’ve got their eye on that situation. Murray would make the case, ‘I should be making what LeSean McCoy and some of these guys are making – or at least close to it.’ They’re not offering anything close to that. I think they’ll continue to slow-play that. If somebody blows Murray out of the water early in free agency, then so be it. I think they feel like with their offensive line and their quarterback and some of their their weapons there that he’s replaceable. If you can buy low on Adrian Peterson – and he’s a more physical back than Murray – just watch out for that one.”


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