CBS Sports NFL analyst

“They both have had their chances to grow and mature and develop. We just haven’t seen what we needed to see at this point.”
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Virginia head coach 

“The rankings stuff is really overrated. I think you’ll step into conference play and you’ll find out. You’re going to have to prove how good you are because you’re going against bigger boys and a little more athleticism – all those things that come with it. Each game is significant for us.”
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60 Minutes Sports correspondent

“He lives a life where he thinks about killing himself two or three times a week. So yes, those symptoms are not covered, which is a point of contention in our piece and a point of contention for those that have opted out of the agreement.”
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DHANI JONES – 1/6/15
Former NFL linebacker

“Let’s not forget it wasn’t too long ago that there was really a dark cloud over Cincinnati and the Bengals. He got them out of that storm. And I was a part of that change that was going on between 2008 and 2009, and I watched it. That steady course is the mentality of the Brown family. I think that the way they’re looking at it is, ‘Look, we’re making a long-term investment in people that we want to work with.’”
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WARREN MOON – 1/7/15
Hall of Fame QB and Seahawks radio analyst

“And just dumping the ball off to my backs and (hoping they can) miss a tackle and maybe make yards after the catch. But they’re such a good tackling football team. It’s hard to even beat them that way. It’s really hard to find a weakness in this defense right now.”
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KEN BERGER – 1/7/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“The thing with J.R., he’s been so erratic both in his game and in between his ears sometimes that you worry about him. But in the past, when he has been on good teams – when he was on a good team in Denver and when the Knicks were good a couple years ago – he’s been pretty productive. And so, that’s what Cleveland hopes they get out of him now.”
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DOUG FLUTIE – 1/8/15
Former NFL QB and Heisman Trophy winner

“Other than (Elliott’s run), they were negative yards (in the fourth quarter) and struggled. As that game was becoming crunch time, their offense kind of disappeared.”
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KURT WARNER – 1/8/15
Former NFL MVP

“We’re just going to try to grow him as a quarterback. He’s an extremely talented young kid, a kid that I think was thrown in – as a lot of young quarterbacks are – before he really understood how to play the entirety of the quarterback position. He’s gotten by on athleticism, and he’s had some great moments and had some great games. But I think the goal in the time that I have with him is just to see where he’s at, what he knows about the position and then how far we can push the envelope as far as helping him develop as a pocket passer.”
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Wichita State head coach

“We don’t usually get Top 100 recruits, but we have three coming next year . . . and expectations are a little out of whack right now for us. Still, we’re top 15 in the country, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I think we got to be a little cautious here of what we’re saying and (whether we’re) just reporting the same thing with a different vernacular to spike ratings or whatever. I’ve talked to doctors who have seen him play – not doctors who have studied him – but doctors who have dealt with college or pro teams for a long time and watched him play, and if he was able to get through what he got through on that night two weeks ago in real time with two weeks of treatment and preparation and rest, I don’t get the sense that this is (something) people should be jumping off bridges about and biting their fingernails (over).”
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Former Packers All-Pro safety

“I’m like, dude, listen, I’ve seen this guy’s calf, and it’s colors I never thought white people can turn. I think he’ll be fine. I think he’ll be fine, but we just need his arm ready. I think he’ll be fine for the most part. He stayed in the pocket against Detroit and he was 11-of-13 and was able to win that game. So for the most part, he’ll be fine. He says he’ll play, but he doesn’t know what percent.”
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