Brandon Tierney didn’t want to upset Friday’s guest – former Packers All-Pro safety LeRoy Butler – but there’s a question he just had to ask: Given the Packers’ plethora of home playoff losses in the last decade or so, has Lambeau Field lost a bit of luster? Has the tradition and advantage of playing on the frozen tundra become . . . overrated?

“I think that’s a very fair question when you’ve lost five times since 2002 at home (during the playoffs),” Butler said on Tiki and Tierney, taking no offense. “(In) 2007, you had home-field (advantage) throughout (the playoffs) and lost to the Giants at home. And then you go all the way back to when Michael Vick came in there and won a playoff game when you were at home. But then the last couple one-and-dones, it was (the) 15-1 season (when) you lost to the Giants again at home. So I think it’s a fair question. Mike McCarthy is trying to tell his team to get back to the (way it was in the) ’90s, when we won over 40 games at home and there was a mystique to it. And now teams understand that when you drive up to Lambeau Field, you feel like you’re three points down. They’re undefeated at home, and they play very well at home, and it’s something you have to build upon. But I think it’s a very fair question. It’s a barbershop question.”

It’s also a barbershop question whether Aaron Rodgers will be healthy enough to lead the Packers to victory this Sunday against the Cowboys. Rodgers has not thrown an interception at home since December 2012, but he also has a left calf strain.

Should Packers fans be worried, especially since Dallas went 8-0 on the road this season?

“Well, you would know this, Tiki, more than anybody; you were a tough guy,” Butler said. “I mean, when you’re a guy and your team is looking upon you to step up and play, you play. Tony Romo’s not a 100 percent either. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anybody’s 100 percent. But back to Aaron Rodgers. He does have what we call a slight strain or a tear in his calf.”

Or does he? There are certain people, mostly on Twitter, who claim Rodgers was – and is – faking his injury. Some people even used the words “drama queen.”

Butler, who helped the Packers to victory in Super Bowl XXXI, couldn’t believe it.

“I’m like, dude, listen, I’ve seen this guy’s calf,” Butler said, “and it’s colors I never thought white people can turn. I think he’ll be fine. I think he’ll be fine, but we just need his arm ready. I think he’ll be fine for the most part. He stayed in the pocket against Detroit and he was 11-of-13 and was able to win that game. So for the most part, he’ll be fine. He says he’ll play, but he doesn’t know what percent.”


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