Aaron Rodgers, as you may have heard, will be hobbled against Dallas this Sunday, as the Green Bay quarterback is said to have strained his left calf muscle. Wait, was it a strain or a tear? Or was it both?

“An old wise man told me long, long ago that a strain is a small tear, so I see a lot of this as semantics and how we want to frame it or what moves the meter on a slow news day and becomes a story,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on Tiki and Tierney. “I think we got to be a little cautious here of what we’re saying and (whether we’re) just reporting the same thing with a different vernacular to spike ratings or whatever. I’ve talked to doctors who have seen him play – not doctors who have studied him – but doctors who have dealt with college or pro teams for a long time and watched him play, and if he was able to get through what he got through on that night two weeks ago in real time with two weeks of treatment and preparation and rest, I don’t get the sense that this is (something) people should be jumping off bridges about and biting their fingernails (over).

“Will they be judicious in how they use him?” La Canfora continued. “Will they try to strike early and get a lot early to build a lead, try to get a two-score lead in the first quarter, and ride a lot of Eddie Lacy and hope that thing doesn’t tighten up and become more of a problem through the evening as it gets colder and colder? Sure, I think there’s some common sense in that. But I don’t get the sense that this is going to be like Aaron Rodgers is trying to play on one leg and he’s completely limited and, oh my goodness, it’s a completely different Green Bay offense because the quarterback can’t move.”

While that’s certainly a valid opinion, Brandon Tierney believes it may not be that simple. In fact, Tierney believes that the Dallas defense is being wrongly positioned as so-so, this after struggling to score against Detroit. But let’s remember: Detroit has a really good defense, especially against the run. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Cowboys will score more points against Green Bay than they scored against Detroit (24), which means Green Bay might need 30+ points to win the game, which means the Packers will need a healthy Rodgers.

Is that fair?

“I also think it’s a lot easier to run the ball on Dallas than it is Detroit – a lot easier,” La Canfora said. “We’ve seen teams this year (struggle) against Detroit. Remember when New England played Detroit? They didn’t even try to run it. They didn’t even try to pretend it was a possibility. They threw it 60 times and attacked that secondary. I actually think Green Bay can stay a little more balanced and can go a little bit longer. Even if Dallas starts the game and they are playing the run well, there’s going to be a sense within (the Packers) that we can wear these guys down and we can get them in the run game – and not only just grind it out in the run game, (but) get some big plays in the run game against this group.”

Kickoff is at 1:05 p.m. ET.


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