Kurt Warner is 43 years old, a two-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. And luckily for Colin Kaepernick, Warner just so happens to have some time on his hands.

Kaepernick has sought out – and will receive – help from Warner this offseason in hopes of becoming a more complete quarterback.

So, what will Warner do to fix the San Francisco quarterback?

“Well, first of all, I don’t like the word ‘fix,’” Warner said on Tiki and Tierney. “We’re just going to try to grow him as a quarterback. He’s an extremely talented young kid, a kid that I think was thrown in – as a lot of young quarterbacks are – before he really understood how to play the entirety of the quarterback position. He’s gotten by on athleticism, and he’s had some great moments and had some great games. But I think the goal in the time that I have with him is just to see where he’s at, what he knows about the position and then how far we can push the envelope as far as helping him develop as a pocket passer.

“I’m just a firm believer that regardless of how talented you are physically, you have to be able to make the easy plays at the quarterback position to be successful,” Warner continued. “When a defense gives you an easy read, you have to be able to make that read and make that throw 90 percent of the time because you don’t get that all the time. It’s hard enough to play the position. So it’s really going to be about seeing where he’s at as a quarterback and seeing how far we can push it to teach him how you play the game with your mind as opposed to your arm and your legs.”

Normally, it’s a great feel-good story when a former star takes time to help a rising star. For the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals however, it is not. Warner played in St. Louis from 1998 to 2003 and in Arizona from 2005 to 2009, leading those franchises to a combined three Super Bowl appearances.

But because both are in the NFC West with San Francisco, Warner has not gotten positive feedback about his upcoming act of goodwill – at least not from certain people.

“I’ll tell you what, guys: I love the Cardinals. I love the Rams. But I also love all these young guys, and I want to see them succeed,” Warner said. “The bottom line is, how can we help guys? How can we use our expertise to help guys? The thing is, I’ve put the offer out there to a lot of young guys, and Colin’s really the first one that’s really reached out and said, ‘Hey, if you have a little bit of time for me, I’d love to work together.’ So people can say what they want. I’m more about helping that young man become all that he can be. Do I want the Cardinals to win games? Of course I do. Do I want the Rams to win? Yeah. But I want all these guys to be able to push that envelope. If I can help in any way, I’m happy to do it.”


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