Brandon Tierney strongly believes the NFL got it wrong by suspending Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for Detroit’s playoff game against the Cowboys this Sunday. Tierney also believes the NFL will rescind the suspension.

Agree? Disagree?

“Yeah, I don’t think they should suspend him for a playoff game,” CBS Sports senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco said on Tiki and Tierney. “And the reason being, when you suspend a guy for a playoff game, you’re actually hurting his team rather than hurting him. And not only that, think about this from this standpoint – and nobody does this, but I do because I’m a cynic – but he’d be saving money if he got suspended in the playoffs rather than in the (regular season). If you suspend him for a game in the regular season, you (lose) your check – and that, for him, would have been about $700,000. So there’s a big difference in money, too.”

But will the NFL actually rescind the suspension?

“Yeah, I think they will,” Prisco said. “I think cooler heads will prevail and they’ll realize you play the whole season for this and you impact it with one decision like that. His history works against him in this. If that’s anybody else, he’s not getting suspended at all and doesn’t have to go through the appeals process. I do think they’ll rescind it, though.”

Suh, of course, was suspended after stepping on the leg of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay’s 30-20 win at Lambeau Field this past Sunday. The Lions will need Suh if they hope to beat the Cowboys, who are 7.5-point favorites – easily the heaviest favorite entering this weekend.

“I think the Cowboys are rolling on offense,” Prisco said. “We know Detroit is good on defense. They’ve gotten surprisingly good play from the back end. But having said all that, this Dallas team on offense is going to be really, really tough to stop, and I don’t know if (Matthew) Stafford and their passing game can keep up with them.”

Prisco believes the Cowboys will not only win, but also cover the spread.

In other NFL news, three coaches were lost to Black Monday, as Rex Ryan (Jets), Mike Smith (Falcons) and Marc Trestman (Bears) were fired. Additionally, Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers mutually agreed to part ways, as Harbaugh will return to Ann Arbor and coach Michigan.

So, who’s the top head-coaching candidate on the market?

“I think Adam Gase is the No. 1 head-coaching candidate – and I think he should be,” Prisco said of the Broncos offensive coordinator. “I think he’d be perfect for Atlanta. You got a quarterback already there in Matt Ryan. This guy’s worked with Peyton Manning, has done great work with him. He puts in so many hours. He’s maniacal. He’s crazy. He’ll be in a guy’s face, but he also knows how to handle him when he has to. I think Gase is the No. 1 candidate. He’s going to interview with the Falcons, he’s going to interview with the 49ers – and I think in both situations there’s an opportunity to get a good offensive mind.”

Eric Mangini, meanwhile, has been linked to Oakland, which may or may not retain interim head coach Tony Sparano. Prisco doesn’t understand why Mangini – a tight ends coach for the Niners – is in the mix for a head-coaching gig.

“I (think) people get more impressed by him than his body of work,” Prisco said, “because I don’t see it.”


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