At this point, it’s safe to say that Jay Cutler’s reputation around the NFL is not a good one. But what about his reputation on his own team? Is he liked by anybody?

“Well, from all indications that I get, I think that a lot of people don’t like him as a teammate; they tolerate him,” CBS NFL Today analyst Bart Scott said on Tiki and Tierney. “You don’t have to like all your teammates, but that’s tough when you’re the quarterback of the team and no one follows you. You have to be able to encourage your teammates, to inspire your teammates, and I think he has a bad poker face. You can tell exactly what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling. That just doesn’t bode well for the leader of a team. That can be one of your guys, one of your playmakers. That can be a receiver. That can be a running back. It may even work at certain (defensive) positions, (for a) player to have that type of demeanor.

“But coming from your quarterback, it just doesn’t look well,” Scott continued. “It’s not great for the organization. It’s not great for the team. It doesn’t do anything. I think he’s the first quarterback I’ve ever seen that looks like this. And you wonder if it ever can change because he is who he is. He’s nine, 10 years into his career. What you see is what you get. I don’t think at this point he can be anybody else.”

He also won’t be the starter this week against Detroit (10-4), as the Bears (5-9) will reportedly give Jimmy Clausen the nod under center.

What the Bears do with Cutler this offseason remains to be seen, but is it possible that his struggles could save Marc Trestman’s job?

“I think it can, but at this point, I don’t know if (Trestman is) strong enough to lead that team,” Scott said. “Once you lose the locker room and you lose the team, it’s just done. You can’t get that back – unless you’re going to get rid of everybody and start over with new people. But we don’t know what he is as a leader, as a head coach. We don’t have a great body of work about Marc Trestman. We can’t say he has a great track record. He hasn’t been successful with a tremendous roster. (They’ve) struggled on defense, but you talk about the talent (he’s been) surrounded with (after) picking up Lovie Smith’s tram. You talk about a 10-6 team when he picked it up – and he’s made it worse.”

In the AFC, meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns will try to rebound from a embarrassing 30-0 home shutout against the Bengals last weekend. Cleveland (7-7) plays the Panthers (5-8-1) in Carolina this Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.

What can we expect from Johnny Manziel, who had 80 passing yards and two interceptions in his first career start?

“I think Johnny will be a little bit more poised,” Scott said. “I think he’ll have a greater grasp and understanding (of the playbook). I think they’ll do better play-calling. I think they’ll really try and establish the run. The Panthers have really struggled this year trying to stop the run. I think that in that regard, they’ll be able to get on schedule (on early downs).”


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