It’s been quite a year for SEC on CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce. In fact, it’s been quite a revelation.

“Growing up, I literally thought the Big Ten was the greatest thing that college football has ever seen,” the Ohio native said on The Morning Show. “So then I got to the SEC and it just blows my mind away. We obviously did a lot of Alabama games. There’s no place like playing at Bryant-Denny, but LSU’s stadium was incredible with the new addition to the end zone. I mean, you can’t hear anything. That was hands down the loudest place I’ve been in.”

While LaForce has covered some great games this year, this weekend might be the very best that the SEC has to offer: the Iron Bowl between No. 1 Alabama and No. 15 Auburn, and the Egg Bowl between No. 4 Mississippi State and No. 19 Ole Miss.

Conventional wisdom says that Mississippi State needs to win to stay alive in the playoff race, but LaForce isn’t so sure.

“I still like what Mississippi State can bring to the table,” she said. “They have so many weapons on offense. Their defense is proving to be consistent all season. I still think they’re a better football team than any of those other teams that could slide in there.”

Given that Ole Miss has lost three of its last four games, however, Mississippi State is in must-win mode – especially after the Rebels lost, 30-0, at Arkansas last week.

“I really like Arkansas,” LaForce said. “I’ve liked them all season, ever since that close Texas A&M game we did. The system works, the players are buying in, they have an incredible running game – they’re so different than any team in the SEC that we’ve seen. What they were able to do is really get Ole Miss out of their comfort zone. And I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed in Ole Miss because they lost a close game to Arkansas, because let’s be honest: Almost every team in the SEC has won close against Arkansas.”

That’s true. A&M and Mississippi State won by seven. Alabama won by one.

“Arkansas has been in every game this season,” LaForce said. “They’ve taken teams to overtime. They may have lost in the last minute of games, but they’ve been really competitive. My problem with Ole Miss was they got killed.”

In other on-the-job news, Brandon Tierney asked LaForce, a former Miss Teen USA, how many college guys have approached her at games. Tierney put the over/under at 746.

“It’s over – and I’ll tell you why,” the 25-year-old LaForce said. “When Ohio State played Navy in the beginning of the year, every single guy in a Navy uniform – every time I walked by – had a different song memorized that they would sing in-sync to me. It was amazing. Honestly, normally at most games, the guys are screaming very derogatory things. They’re screaming disgusting things. Or, ‘Can I have your phone number? Will you marry me?’ Just hilarious stuff like that. But this was cool because they all memorized a song and they had a new one (whenever I walked by).”

Like “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.

“Obviously, my eyes aren’t brown, but they would sing (that to me),” LaForce said. “It was really, really cute, and it was respectful and I appreciated it. That unit alone counts for hundreds and hundreds.”


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