Another week, another Nick Saban tirade.

On Monday, the Alabama head coach expressed discontent with fans who were unhappy that the Tide beat Arkansas “only” 14-13 in Fayetteville this past Saturday.

“Everybody’s got such a high expectation for what our team should be,” Saban ranted. “I was just happy to see our players be happy about playing a game and winning it. And it really – if you want to know the truth about it – pisses me off when I talk to people that have this expectation like they’re disappointed that we only won the game 14-13. Really, thats frustrating. If you want to talk about something that’s frustrating, that’s frustrating to me – for our players, who play with a lot of heart in the game.”

Does Saban have a legitimate beef here?

“I’m with him,” CBS Sports analyst and MoJo Show co-host Brian Jones said on The Morning Show. “He’s right. This is hard. The other teams in the (SEC-West), especially, have closed the gap on Alabama. It’s just about getting that W, whether it’s 1-0, 10-3, whatever. Get that W. It is difficult as hell in college football today with all the parity to get wins. So Alabama, yes, have they set the bar high? Of course they have. But times have changed. The gig is up, baby. Just get a W and get out of town. That’s the key.”

If not for a blocked PAT following an Arkansas touchdown, the game may have gone to overtime. If it had, who knows what would have happened?

“Arkansas is a much better team than they have been the last couple years when Alabama blanked them,” Jones said. “Just get the W, man. These fans, they’re a trip. They’re unhappy when you lose, of course. Then they’re unhappy when you win (because they think) you didn’t win by enough. Really?”

But is it fair to be a little disappointed in this case? After all, one-loss teams need convincing wins to bolster their playoff chances, right?

“That’s always bothered me, even in the past BCS system,” Jones said. “All these sexy wins and margin of victory – are you kidding me? You’re not going to go out there and have the same performance (every week). Just get a W and then we’ll let the chips fall where they may.”

Of course, it’s possible that Saban gets this type of kickback because he’s not very likable. He’s not warm and fuzzy, and he’s jilted a lot of fan bases.

“I think you get a lot of people that have watched him build this program; they’ve watched him rule college football and so they have those expectations,” Jones said. “If Alabama’s not throttling folks from week to week, they feel like something’s amiss. So they need to understand, and they need to be more objective. Things have changed, especially right there in your backyard in the SEC-West. Things have changed considerably. So week-to-week, it’s going to be a dog fight.”

No. 7 Alabama (5-1, 2-1) hosts No. 21 Texas A&M (5-2, 2-2) this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.


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