The first fight was so good – and, in some ways, controversial – that they’re going to do it again.

Floyd Mayweather (46-0, 26 KOs) faces Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs) this Saturday in Las Vegas – a rematch from a May fight that Mayweather won by majority decision.

“I think it’s going to be a tough fight,” Showtime Boxing and MLB Network analyst Brian Kenny said on The Morning Show. “I think the main thing is people want to see Floyd work; (they) want to see Floyd in a bit of trouble. You want to see greatness tested, and Maidana did that. I thought Floyd won the first fight, nine rounds to three. A lot of my colleagues – Paulie Malignaggi, Al Bernstein – thought it was more like 7-5. I thought Floyd handled him and out-pointed him.”

The crowd at MGM Grand Garden Arena, however, didn’t necessarily agree. In fact, many on hand that night felt Maidana won.

“I think at the end of the fight when a lot of the fans were up in arms, it just took on a life of its own,” Kenny said. “There was a lot of people out there that felt like Maidana might have won that fight. I’m nowhere near that, but he definitely made Floyd work. And I think a lot of us got tired of Floyd getting out there, out-pointing guys easily, not ever getting into trouble, using his defense and not being exciting. And this first fight was exciting. Maidana, he’s a younger guy (31). He’s someone who might be able to make a lot of trouble for Floyd on Saturday night.”

Mayweather, as many know, made a lot of trouble for himself this week when he said the NFL should have stuck to its original two-game suspension for Ray Rice.

Mayweather served two months in jail in 2012 for his own run-in with domestic abuse.

“It’s complicated,” Kenny said of Mayweather’s personality. “I know he can be very vulnerable and a very sweet person. It’s not unlike when I was dealing with Mike Tyson (all those years when I would say that) this is a kind person, he’s soft spoken, he’s thoughtful. And there are other times when you say those adjectives and you see him acting in a lot of other ways where you’d laugh at that. You’d think you’re out of your mind. That’s not the same guy.”

“So I think (Mayweather has) a lot of facets to his personality,” Kenny continued. “He’s out there. He’s living that life. It’s kind (of the) life of a kingpin, and he’s out there in Vegas living that.”

At the same time, Mayweather, unlike many athletes, has kept things in perspective.

“Unlike Tyson and a lot of other guys who are in that lifestyle and do, in fact, get caught up in being themselves and referring to themselves in third person and thinking of themselves in a narcissistic way, (Mayweather has) still stayed in the gym, in shape and has had a real dedication to his craft,” Kenny said. “You have to respect that. You have to respect that he’s stayed on top, he’s 37, he’s still unbeaten, he’s still in top shape and (he always) gives a completely professional performance – despite whatever is going on outside the ring.”


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