You might know Thomas Sadoski as Don Keefer on The Newsroom. Or perhaps you know him from his other credits, which include numerous appearances on the Law & Order franchise.

Well, you might not know that Sadoski – a Bethany, Conn., native – is a diehard Baltimore sports fan.

“I’m loving life right now,” Sadoski said on The Morning Show. “My Orioles are in first place, football season’s getting ready to start – things are going well, man. Things are going well.”

Indeed they are. The Orioles (68-50 entering play Aug. 12) have opened up a six-game lead in the AL East – and they’ve done so in spite of Chris Davis. Yes, after an epic 53-homer, 138-RBI campaign a season ago, Davis is hitting just .197 with 21 home runs and 57 RBIs.

He also killed Brandon Tierney’s fantasy team.

What’s the deal, Tierney wondered in jest. Did Davis stop juicing?

“See, there it is,” Sadoski said. “There’s the horror of steroids right there, right? A guy has one season that’s amazing and then sort of comes back down to earth. It’s funny. I was actually thinking about this the other day. It made me sort of sad, but I feel like for an entire generation of sports fans, we lost – because of steroids – (athletes like) Bo Jackson. (We’ve) lost the ability to look at and marvel at incredible athletes doing incredible things without the sort of looming shadow of, ‘This guy must be juicing,’ or ‘This guy must be doing something.’”

“The Lance Armstrongs of the world have sort of taken away the ability for us to marvel and wonder at the beauty and the sort of power of athletic achievement.”

While Davis’ production has waned, other Orioles have picked up the slack. In fact, Adam Jones and Nelson Cruz have combined for 53 home runs and 155 RBIs.

Baltimore’s pitching, however, remains a bit of a question mark. Chris Tillman, Bud Norris and Wei-Yin Chen aren’t exactly Price/Scherzer/Verlander or Lester/Samardzija/Gray. Still, Sadoski doesn’t mind that the Orioles were pretty quiet before the trade deadline.

“I mean, there weren’t a whole lot of moves that needed to be made,” he said. “If the team plays up to its capabilities, there aren’t a whole lot of moves that needed to be made.”

Tierney disagreed. In the postseason, you need a bona fide ace at the top of your rotation. Period. End of story.

Baltimore needed to get one and didn’t.

“Absolutely, but who couldn’t (use an ace)?” Sadoski asked. “With the exception of the Tigers and maybe the Dodgers, who couldn’t use some front-end pitching help? But who do you just give up for (that)? That’s always the question when you’re in a middle market or a small-market team. Are you going to mortgage your future in order to get a guy that you’re going to rent for a couple of months? I personally think they have the guys in place that, if lighting strikes, (they could make a run). That bullpen is so solid, and picking up Andrew Miller only solidified it. The bats are great. You’re looking at a really potent offense. You’re looking at a team that’s actually worthwhile and one that I don’t know that you necessarily want to play in a series.”

Moving to the Ravens, Tierney asked the million-dollar question: When Ray Rice scores his first touchdown this year, how will you react?

“The whole situation has put us in a really sort of awkward spot,” Sadoski said of Ravens fans. “Not to make it all about us – obviously there are larger issues that are much more important here – but as a fan, I’m incredibly disappointed. I want to root for my team and I want to believe in my team and I want to be able to celebrate the achievement of the people that I follow on my favorite team. And in this situation, I think it’s all been sort of soured. I’m soured on the NFL, I’m soured a little bit on Ray. It’s just the way that I feel.”

“I’m not going to stop being a fan. I’m not going to stop being loyal to the Ravens. I’m not going to stop wishing the best for that franchise and for that player. But for now, there’s definitely a pall that sort of hangs over the whole thing for me. It’s tricky.”


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